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    A few questions.

    I started with Se again and now quite alot has changed.
    my first question is:
    Why is Dimensional Ripper used in so many Zaladar decks? Obviously its good to gain board control with the instant 2 dmg, but the effect of that card is questionable. Some use it as draw engine but you wont get cards that fit your strategy very often. Nor does zaladar need many resources like priests do. Its no problem for zal to sit at 5-6 resources (dont wanna say its optimal tho). And also your opponent might end up with Mc, Shadow Font, Gargoyle, or Behemoth. So why do i see it so often?

    2. A few months ago there was only Behemoth as a big ally. Now there is also Shadow Knight and Molten Destroyer. Ofc behemoth has the best ability to keep board control, by killing Raven without being crippled, or targeting 2 allies the same round. The 3 resource it used is not too big of a problem, because once you have board control, you dot have to play many cards. (Also a reason why 5 resources is not bad, allowing a mc or sth). But I dont really understand what Molten Destroyer exactly does. What is "set ablaze"? And Shadow knight seems to be nice too by possibly bringing back himself, a gargoyle or a dmt. Although both are more dangerous for me incase they get mc'ed.

    3. I'm also a bit confused about Wulven Tracker. It is a good card once you establish board control and can help drawing ur shadow fonts or mc's faster, but if you dont have board control he is not very useful.

    I'm lacking some experience, because i only played much with the old cards (1.26 is the latest version i played)

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    1, due to all the mage around DR can be great as you'll steal spells, and you don't need board control to kill a mage who can't heal (even if human mage can heal, it's not a lot 1hp with PotL and 2hp with HD), just use you ability on the hero, shadow font gives you more shot, MC deal damage too, steal 2 fireballs and it's gg. otherwise it's just involving more luck in game vs others heroes, i would use it only vs Mage.

    2, MD, BM, SK can be good in some decks, with portals for example, or WotF, but PB is still my favorite for the heroes i play, though

    3, Wulven Tracker is meh... As you know it's good when you have board control, but but terrible if you're struggling to get board control, there's more usefull draw engine in the game to let this card out from deck atm, maybe with new cards we'll see a better use of it. Not to mention that Moonstalker can protect it and take advantage from its ability.

    Edit: set ablaze-> your ally lose one hp every turn, like engulfing flames does.
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