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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasonlet View Post
    Anyone mind giving some comment to my deck? thanks

    Zhanna Mist
    4 Dirk Saber
    3 Sandra Trueblade
    3 Puwen Bloodhelm
    3 Blake Windrunner
    2 Aeon Stormcaller
    3 Healing Touch
    2 Tidal Wave
    2 Destroy Arm
    2 Resurrection
    2 Holy Shield
    3 Retreat
    2 Bazaar

    Total Card:32

    I know this was not a good deck....I need an advice on what card should i get 1st (Example: What card should I buy 1st? followed by what card again?) in order to make it a competitive deck..
    Sandra Trueblade is no longer a good card in version 1.25. Dirk Saber was never a good card. Replace those 7 cards with 4xJasmine Rosecult and 3xAldon the Brave. Next I would look into replacing Holy Shield and Healing Touch.

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    Well, hello, I'm trying a 'zhannamentalis' deck. I want it to stall for eternity. I want to try and mix the great allies of human and priest abilities with the deck archetype of Elementalis. So what does a typical Elementalis deck look like? Let's see: mind control, bad Santa, bazaar, sparks, fire snakes, sometimes brutalis, eternal renewal, sometimes shard of power, and some shrieks. So, let's try and replace those cards so it will work with a zhanna deck. The result is something like this:


    4 Puwen
    2 Blake
    4 Aldon
    2 Aeon

    4 Holy Shield
    3 Healing Touch
    4 Tidal Wave
    2 Destroy Arms
    2/3 Resurrection

    2 Bazaar
    4 Bad Santa

    34/35 cards (depends on how many resurrection you put in)

    Or that's what I want it to be. I'm probably a few cards off at the moment, need to save up. Strategy is simple, stall, stall, stall and beat away with allies. It's a concept deck, and it's definitely a more unconventional build, so what do you think?
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