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    BUG: inner strength + crippling blow + Jericho Spellbane's Disenchant

    dunno if this was reported else where, but I'll mention it anyhow
    <edit: ok... apparently, there are ppl aware of this bug. I'll keep the post here anyhow, cuz it's kinda funny, and maybe helpful for designers' reference>

    so Jericho Spellbane's disenchant ability is supposed to remove *all* effects, right? currently, it sorta does that, but if there are multiple cards stacked, the effects might not be removed correctly.

    for instance, i play windrunner, then cast inner-strength on it, making it 5/2.
    Ter-Adun casts crippling blow, making it 0/2.
    I disenchant my windrunner, and both cards inner-strength and crippling-blow are removed to the graveyards. but my blade-runner is still 5/2.
    Just for kicks (and cuz I had 3 inner-strengths in my hand), I recast inner-strength and my windrunner became 7/2.
    Ter-Adun casts crippling blow, again... making it 0/2
    I was too happy to comply with another disenchant...
    ... and another inner-strength... lo and behold, my windrunner is 9/2.

    dang... ... my blake windrunner is on crack and steroids.

    if only I had one more inner-strength in my hand...
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    I've had the exact same "issue", except my Blake would remain at 5/2 and would not take any more strength boosts (Aldon being played left him 5/2).

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