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    Prototype Serena Deck

    Hi there, I've just returned to the game after taking a half-year hiatus from it due to work commitments. The meta's changed a lot since I stopped playing. It took me a few days of constant playing to get back up to speed. Anyway, the first hero I chose to play as was Serena. This is my build of a Serena control deck. Some advice and criticism, even compliments would be appreciated. Go easy on me, I just got back to SE!

    Serena x1 - Simply because she's more interesting to play compared to Lance.

    Priest of the Light x4 - Really helps when I want to delay an opponent from using their Hero Abilities for a turn. Not to mention the 4 extra health, which comes in handy since I have no other way of healing Serena.

    Tainted Oracle x4 - One half of the draw engine of this deck, together with IGG. Combos well with EP for even more draw power plus a decent 4/4 hitter.

    Earthen Protector x2 - The set-up guy. Works great with Tainted Oracles and Aeons.

    Aeon x2 - To set up the Aeon-EP lock whenever possible. More of a bonus when it works. Also good to give the rest of my allies a buff since I don't use Aldon.

    Sorcerous Poison x1 - That little bit of poison adds up in the long run. Too many times I've been killed by Damage over Time effects. Now I want to dish out some of my own. This is only here to poison the enemy hero. Any opposing allies affected by it counts as a bonus.

    Retreat! x3 - The ever-splashable card in human decks. Only a 2-drop but so versatile. Love it!

    Assassination x3 - I've tried the Kris + Assassination combo but have decided not to run it (this despite the fact that I probably should since I don't have Lance's ability to cast). However, I usually use this on a Tainted Oracle. Most players will either disable it (with Jasmine or Marshland Sentinel, for example) or just ignore it, so I make them pay. Either way, it's a win-win for me.

    Stop, Thief! x4 - You'd think that this is adequate, but I don't seem to be drawing it often enough. Thinking of adding 1 or 2 LLN, what say you?

    IGG x4 - The other half of the draw engine of this deck. Together with Tainted Oracle, I find myself almost never short of cards in hand.

    Black Garb x4 - Need I say more? This is a control deck.

    Night Prowler x2 - Because Serena has awesome hand destruction potential. It's only here for opportunistic moments when I can combine this with her ability and get rid of two cards in one go. Sometimes leads to the opponent rage quitting. I know that I'll be advised to play Spelleater Bands, but I'm having too much fun with Night Prowler at the moment.

    Anklebreaker x4 - Great to counter fatties, even better to kill off weenies and get an extra card due to IGG. Also the reason why I'm not running Raven or Marshland Sentinel.

    DoU x2 - Not too sure about this. I find myself seldom using it, but it does make a big difference when I do use it. Who doesn't like Retreat! built into a weapon? Currently considering taking one out and replacing it with one Golden Katar though. That thing takes forever to get rid of but I feel that it's better suited in a Lance deck seeing as Serena needs to go on the offensive to maximise her hand destruction powers.

    Total cards: 40

    Some notes:
    - I'm no pro or anything but I do feel that something's missing. The synergy is there, I suppose, but insufficient. I mean, I win like 6.5/10 games but I wish the win rate was a little higher.
    - After extensive playtesting, I've discovered a glaring problem. The control aspect of this deck takes until mid game to set up. As a result, I'm vulnerable to weenie rushes and those annoying mages who will use a Supernova (hate that card!) to finish you off. Usually, I'm forced to play defensively during the early game but once I hit 5 resources and can deploy a weapon, this deck really starts to shine. The problem is this: sometimes, it's too late to catch up because Serena is missing too much health. Would Crimson Vest remedy this situation?
    - I don't run Kris and Nightshade, common choices for Rogue decks, because I wanted to try something different. However, I'm thinking of playing them. Should I? They are great at chipping away at enemy armour like Black Garb, not to mention the Kris + Assassination combo.
    - Do I need Lily or Master Smith? With the reliability of my draw engines, I usually have a weapon/armour on the field plus a spare one at hand. Lily would take priority for me though because I'm a little low on allies.
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