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THANK YOU, BRO! Finally, a very concrete reply! Will definitely try out your suggestions, but do you think I should include 1-2 copies of LLN too? I've found that 4 Stop, Thief! is usually enough, but not all the time.

And I did try Nightshades. I used to play them with Assassination to take out strong allies by themselves. Think I'll go back to them and maybe add some Aldons instead of Puwens. Back to the drawing board!
Nah, 4 ST is plenty. If you oversaturate your deck with item destruction, you are effectively playing 6 cards short versus non-item reliant heroes. And you still have a chance of drawing them, when you could have drawn something a lot better.

Nightshade is definitely a great ally, but he gets laughed at by mages. If you're having trouble with them, sub out the Shades and call in Puwen for bulk + strength. Adding Aldon is a great idea, by the way. You will find a turn 3 drop saves your hero more times than you can count from Kris-Puwen-Jasmine-Aldon.