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    Woeden Serena Deck [1.503]

    I need your feedback on my deck... it's the first deck I make (after a few buy & sell). I like a balanced deck that has allie and item control and that can draw cards to make it faster. I still think It needs a lot of help and this is where you come in... this is my deck:

    Current Deck (40):

    1 x Serena Thoughtripper

    2 x Dirk Saber
    1 x Lily Rosecult
    3 x Puwen Bloodhelm
    3 x Blake Windrunner
    2 x Aldon the Brave
    3 x Marshland Sentinel
    1 x Tainted Oracle
    1 x Aeon Stormcaller
    2 x Nightshade
    (18 allies)

    2 x Assassination
    2 x Reconnaissance
    2 x Sorcerous Poison
    2 x Stop, Thief!
    3 x Mugged
    2 x Retreat
    3 x Special Delivery
    (16 abilities)

    3 x Throwing Knife
    2 x Ill-Gotten Gains
    (5 items)

    Please comment
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