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    Hi, new Eladwen player here!


    I just started playing a couple of days ago and wanted some opinions on my current deck. I'm having a lot of trouble playing against item-heavy classes like rogues and warriors. I added some LLN and ST; but, they just slow down my deck a lot and most of the time they have more weapons than I do in LLN. Let me know what you think.


    Jasmine x 3
    Kristoffer x 4
    Puwen x 4
    Erika x 3 (Not sure between Erika or Raven)
    Aldon x 3
    Tainted Oracle x 2

    Fireball x 4
    Lightning x 4
    Tome of Knowledge x 4
    Portal x 2
    Nova x 3
    Bad Santa x 2
    Ley Line Nexus x 2

    42 cards

    I'm not sure about Erika vs Raven. I tried sandworm, aeon, raven and erika; not really sure which I like the most.

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    Hello. Your deck seems ok. I'd say remove Portal and change Erika with Aeon or Priest of the Light for faster rush. Now your deck has 40 cards. You can add 1 more LLN as well if you can't get it when you need it. If you don't want 3 LLN, you can add another PotL/Jasmine/BS.

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    Hello there!
    It seems like a solid rush deck (if you don't wanna rush then my suggestions are off-topic ) but imho opinion you don't need the portals nor any fatties (erika, raven,aeon).
    I would go with Skullborn (good t1 drop for a rush eladwen). Let's say 4 skullborn. I would change the t3 jasmine for a respective number of t3 Priest of the Light. Also you can swap the 2 tanted oracles for 2 additional bad santa.
    I am also relatively new here so don't take my opinion for granted!

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