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    World Championships Grand Finals (16/17th June)

    Many congratulations to iClipse,
    Shadow Era World Champion 2012

    Event Coverage:
    World Championships Overview
    Recorded livecast from Day 2 on YouTube

    -- The rest of this post was written on 14th June --

    Over the past 8 weeks, about 200 players have been battling their way through 8 Rounds of a Swiss-style tournament to earn spots in the Grand Finals on 16th/17th June. The hardest part seems to have been scheduling their matches, but there have been many tough matches played too!

    We now have the top 30 players from that tournament, who will fill seeds 1-30 in the Grand Finals.

    Joining them will be the winners of two "Wild-Card" tournaments, which are there primarily to cater for players who could not commit to 8 weeks of matches to qualify. The first has already taken place; the other is on Friday (10pm GMT+0) and is free to enter and open to all players but the 31 already qualified.


    Based on the quality of players in the top 30, I can confidently say that the Grand Finals will be full of matches worth watching, so I invite you to join us on Saturday from 3pm GMT+0 (Round 1 will start promptly 3.30pm GMT+0) on the #shadowera channel on IRC, where you can chat with players and other viewers, see who has been paired with who, and then look up the matches that are currently in progress and watch them LIVE!

    For those of you with decent internet connections, be sure to tune into ShadowEraTV, for live-casting of matches with voice commentary..


    Note: Grand Finals Players should see this thread.

    The Grand Finals will be single-elimination, and players will not be allowed to change their decks at any point after registering (before Round 1 begins).

    Rounds 1-3 will run from 3.30pm GMT+0 on Saturday. Matches will be best-of-three. At the end of Day1, we will have found our semi-finalists.

    The Semi-Finals and Final will take place from 3pm GMT on Sunday. These matches will be best-of-five. There will be a match for 3rd place also.

    At the end of Day 2, we will have found our new World Champion, who will win a New iPad (aka iPad3); each of the other semi-finalists will win a cash prize (2nd=$200, 3rd=$100, 4th=$50)

    Each Grand Finalist will receive a signed Foiled Hero for the hero they used and Shadow Crystals.


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