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    Majiya Control Deck

    Alright after lot of playing with majiya, I found using a control strategy with her to be the most consistent option.
    The deck focuses on having 1 or 2 allies on the board and respond to whatever te opponent throws at you until he runs out of steam.
    Allies are countered with Lightning Strike and Dagger of Unmaking mostly and Items with a wide selection of Item destruction, combined with the draw power of Tome of Knowledge.
    Once your opponent is out of cards you drop the bomb wich is Brutal Minatour and keep him active with Sever Ties.
    My rating is now stable at 260, wich is a bit low for the deck imo. Ingame my name is Restoration.

    The decklist:

    4 Brutalis
    4 Infernal Gargoyle
    3 Death Mage Thaddeus
    2 Brutal Minotaur

    4 Fireball
    4 Lightning Strike
    4 Dagger of Unmaking

    4 Shriek of Vengeance
    2 Acid Jet
    2 Ley Line Nexus

    4 Tome of Knowledge
    2 Sever Ties

    I chose Minotaur over PB because he survives novas, and i wont have to pay anything to get a use of him. I removed Nova from the deck because I always had at least one ally on the field.
    The wide selcection of Item destruction is to help you counter Weapon-based heroes like Amber, Gwen and Rogues.
    Shriek of Vengeance proved very useful against other mages, specially Portal based, Ill-Gotten Gains, Priests and to outpace Amber along with Tome.
    Sever Ties not only frees your Minotaurs but is also useful vs Speedstrike and Rapid Fire and against warriors draw engine and hp boost.
    Human that drop Raven and Aeons should be countered with Daggers, once they see that their fatties dont stick on the board they will sacrifice those cards and play 3cc allies that you can take out more easily.

    A huge problem for the deck, and where most of my losses come from are Armored Sandworms. Once one is out I usually have to ignore it and try to rush the hero. Im looking forward for the expansion to find a "controlly" counter instead of nova armaggedon.

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    Lightning+Minotaur swing can kill a Sandworm and kill / damage another hero / ally. You could also try some ally disables like Webs or Freeze. Sandworms are always a pain for Mages, but they can be countered. Also, I would seriously consider Plasma Behemoth over Minotaur. PB gives much more board presence than the Minotaur and doesn't have an on-death setback. I understand what you say about Minotaur surviving Nova, but the extra damage PB brings to the table makes him my choice over other shadow 5 drops in slower, control-esque decks.
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    I personally would take out some of your item destruction in favor of either more allies or some other ally control. having 8 is a ton of item D.
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    ye i would -2acid, -1 sov then add 3more allies or supernova
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