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    Arrow Eladwen Frostmire Guide for newbies

    Eladwen Deck

    This is not neccesarily the best way to play the game but it is effective and foolproof. First, when you start, you are offered a deck. This will essentially decide what deck you later on end up playing. Personally my recommendation is Elawaden Frostmire cos there's an easy "frostburn" deck that can be made using it and it's quite well rounded and easy to use. It's not original by any means but I've added a few personal touches and you can tweak it based on your preferences.

    Right after starting the game you will already have a sizable amount of in game gold to use. I recommend immediately buying Aldon the Brave. It's very useful and buffs your other allies.*
    Next, sell your special delivery. There is no excuse to use it. In a Mage deck you have fireball, a key card, dealing more damage than special delivery and costing less. Just ditch it.*
    Sell Rain Delay. A horrible stalling card and there are more expensive, but better options.
    Keep your Puwen Bloodhelms, Fireballs, Lightning Strikes, Tome of Knowledges, Bazzars, Arcane Bursts and Retreats. These cards will be part of the "frostburn" build and I'll elaborate on that in the actual build. Note that in Shadow Era the cards tend to be pricey so prepare to grind in order to get a good deck.
    Most importantly, if you don't wish to spend cash on the game, don't try playing multiple decks, it won't work. Trust me I've tried. And trust me when i say i wasted a lot of time rectifying that mistake.*
    At level 5 you are able to buy a new deck. I'd recommend either buying the human Mage deck to take the useful cards and sell the rest, or the shadow elemental deck to strip and sell (it yields the most gold)

    BUILD (And explantation for each card)

    Eladwen Frostmire X 1
    Your hero card. This is arguably the most well rounded hero, balancing it's offensive and defensive capabilities. It can kill, or if not, stall. The downside to this hero is its low health. However if you can kill your opponent quickly (which so happens to be what this deck does best) its not that big a problem.

    Jasmine Rosecult X 4
    This card is definitely a must have. Being a popular card, it's a staple in almost every deck. Her stats are not bad, and coupled with a useful stalling ability, she is very potent indeed. The fact that she's smoking hot doesnt hurt too. But as I said, this card is pricey, prepare to grind for it.

    Puwen Bloodhelm X 4
    This is a very basic ally and is often overlooked. However its stats are well rounded and if you have Aldon out, it's a cheap, easy to cast beatstick. Its low cost helps too.*

    Aldon the Brave X 1
    This card is a personal favourite. It has average stats, but where it shines is it's ability to buffthe attack of all friendly allies by 1. This increases the punch your allies will pack. However, since it's so OP, you can only have one out at a time, so just put 1 copy in.

    Fireball X 4
    In a Mage burn deck, this is a staple. It is a low cost spell dealing 4 damage to either a hero or ally. Using all 4 will essentially half the life of the opposing hero. This card will simply burn through your enemy's defences.

    Lightning strike X 3*
    This card is similarly useful as despite it's higher cost, it can strike two targets with a higher damage output. I recommend using this robot the hero and one other ally for maximum effectiveness.

    Tome of Knowledge / Bazzar X 4*
    This increases your draw power. Use a total of 4, according to your preferences.

    Supernova X 4
    I know what you are thinking. This bad boy deals 5 damage to everything friend or foe, essentially clearing the field and dealing massive damage. However, it also leaves you defenseless should your opponent call out more allies the following turn.*
    This is where Bazzar and Tome of Knowledge come in handy. These will maximize the chances of getting another one the next turn. Using them turn after turn will leave the field empty and constantly punishing the opponent. Be sure that your health is higher before you begin to use them, or your plan will simply backfire.

    Arcane Burst X 2
    This card is less useful as its damage is more spread out. However it comes in handy should your opponent chose to swarm with 1 cost allies. It's quite a situational card and normally deals the finishing blow instead of actual damage and you will probably end up sacrificing it, however, it's potent field clearing abilities is reason enough to include a copy.*

    Retreat X 4
    A very underused card, many have no idea what this low cost card can do. This card is flexible, and can be used to stall for an extra turn, or to protect your own allies. Say your ally is damaged, or affected by crippling blow or poisoned etc. use this card to return it to your hand and re-cast it, making it good as new.Use it and use it smart. Running away from a fight you cannot win isn't cower ice, it's common sense.

    Dagger of unmaking X 1
    This ridiculously expensive card is an essential. The ability to bounce hostile allies back to the hand if damage is inflicted by this is a useful stalling tool, buying you more time to dish out the damage. Watch for the durability though, if it reaches 0, poof, gone.

    Shrine of Negetia X 1 (optional)
    A very situational *card, it's low cost and effect make it useful in certain circumstances, but overall it's up to you whether to include this or not.
    Snow Sapphire X 2
    Daylight robbery, and the best stalling card ever. Anything attacking your hero is frozen and rendered useless for the next turn. Stalling TTM.

    Bad Santa X 2
    Another costly card, but it drastically increases draw power, increasing opportunities to dish out pain. Note that the maximum hand limit is 7, so if your opponent already has 7 cards, he won't benefit at all. Just saying.

    Overall this deck is fast an should kill in a maximum of 7 turns. Watch your health though as some may tend to get too carried away dishing out damage and neglect it.
    Finally, this is but my suggestions, feel free to edit it to suit your taste, but remember not to put too many cards or it will reduce the chances of you pulling a key card. The rule of thumb is to keep it under 35.

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    A few thoughts:

    1. If you're building a grind deck, keep it to 30 -- the less cards you have the better the odds of drawing the cards you want

    2. Dump the Shrine, it's pointless

    3. Just because you can only have one Aldon out at a time does not mean you should only have 1 in the deck -- you should have at least 3 so you can actually draw it and use it

    4. If you really want a grind deck your best bet is to roll with either Elementalis or Zaladar -- they are the fastest for grinding, you should win by turn 5 or 6 consistently with a few turn 4 wins thrown in every so often
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    i may have to disagree on rain delay though, its effective against lances and warriors. i.e players who rely on allies for damage. Besides when you burn and poison your opponent that one extra turn of immobility can win ou the game.
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