This is still a work in progress, but I quite enjoy playing with it. I will discuss the strategy and alternate cards after showing you the deck as is.

1x Elementalis

4x Infernal Gargoyle
4x Chimera
4x Bad Wolf
4x Dark Flayer
4x Brutal Minotaur
4x Spark
(24 Allies)

4x Mind Control
4x Life Infusion
4x Bad Santa
4x Ley Line Nexus
(16 Abilities)

Strategy/Alternate Cards

The main objective of this deck is to buff up the Brutal Minotaur. It's pretty tough to come back from an ally or two that can hit 7/8 attack and has over 9 health. I also like to put a Life Infusion on the BM. An obvious flaw with relying heavily on a particular ally is Retreat, or if you are facing a warrior, Crippling Blow.
Many will probably wonder about my choice of Chimera, but it can be a heavy-hitter if buffed with Elementalis's ability and Life Infusion.

I am currently running some Transferences just to test how I like them, but I will probably take them out. Another card I am considering is Wulven Tracker instead of Chimera.

Any suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome! Thanks for reading!