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along my duels with portal majiya i realised that i dont really use supernova. atm i have 2 but planning to remove it at all. sometimes it saves my life but doesnt worth to put it. keeping in mind that in t2-t3-t4 sometimes even t1 majiya gets damage, supernova really hurts. kinda suicide.

2nd thing i realised most of majiya builds own FBx4 and LSx4. but imo thats over build. imo portal majiya doesnt need more than FBx3 and LSx3 just to take board control during t3 and t4. FB might be even x2.

imo again brutalis doesnt worth. instead of going for TOK is much better. if one plays brutalis in t2 then TOK will come into board so late and wont really serve purpose. portal majiya is real fast. by the time u put TOK in the board, enemy will be about to die. otherwise remove TOK from deck at all, will be much efficient.

portal+dagger sometimes work good also.

imo portal majiya should go for brutal minotaur due to his high hp against spells and 6 attack power.

and idk when sacrifical lambs come into turn and sacrificing which mob? im not sure. i wouldnt go for it.
Slamb is for disabled, frozen, near-dead allies karakedi. Infernal Gargoyle is in those situations most as it is hard to kill. Foruma hoşgeldin.