Gwen Stripper 42

4x jasmine
3x lily
4x puwen
4x brigette
2x raven
3x aldon
2x aeon

3x rapid fire
4x into the forest
4x bad santa
4x night prowler
4x soul seeker

simple little deck really. "typical" brigette, puwen, jas, aldon deck. lily to bring back weapons and armor if needed. raven and aeon for a little more control and hard hitting.

do all of that while building up certain cards in hand and in play. rapidfire, soul seeker, night prowler and into the forest combo!!!

only bad santa (and night prowler) for draw, use it to fill your opponents hand before Stripping 2 cards from them.

the hunter strippers take a little patience. you dont want to lose the NP too soon. BUT they all are great decks without the NP stripping, so have fun