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    Shadow Dance Serena, advice, criticism please!

    Hello Shadow Era Community, first post, forgive any neat post issues, and forgive the length I've always loved rogues, in any circumstance, i picked this as my first starter deck, hated it at first, (1.29) So i went and tried Majiya, i loved it for a while and then realized half the meta in this game is mages. So i decided to go back to my roots and play something different, and more skillful, and not so flavor of the month. I'm looking for some advice and feedback (don't be scared to criticize) to make this deck as good as it can be for competitiveness, and yes i do realize they're not top tier, but i believe the player makes all the difference. As for my aims, i like control decks, ever since MtG like 15+ years ago when i was kid, its just way to expensive to keep up with. My hard matchups (180-200 rating, not very good but i'd like to make this as best as possible before going forwards) are good Majiyas, Eladwens (probably should be hard) and heavy aggro/beatdowns, like Amber and priests. Oh and i picked Serena cause she looks way cooler, and has a more complex ability, and everyone plays Lance

    1x Serena Thoughtripper


    4x Jasmine Rosecult
    3x Aldon, the Brave
    3x Lily Rosecult
    4x Nightshade

    14 Allies


    4x Stop, Thief!
    4x Assassination
    4x Retreat
    2x Bad Santa
    4x Anklebreaker
    2x Honored Dead
    3x Ill-Gotten Gains
    2x Dagger of Unmaking

    25 Abilities

    Standard 40 cards, thought about going to 42 depending how it works out.

    My thoughts have been tossed back and forth, i've seen many Serena variants that all look fun in their own rights. As i said before, i like control so that's my overall goal. I'm tossed between Priest of the light, Tainted oracle (last option, imo, doesn't seem like a smart t4 + move considering his low health, even counting his draw ability) Raven, Marshland Sentinel, Earthern Protector and of course Aeon. My abilities seem to be pretty accurate, Honored dead is situational but it has saved me, especially vs mages. Only options there are Black Garb, Grave Digger's Cloak and Crimson Vest (uncommon but might have nice synergy with IGG) and the eventual Spell-Eater Bands.
    I'd like to see what everyone would add and subtract, my main concern is early to mid-game board control, as late game its much easier to come back, but my health is sometimes chipped away enough for them to be able to win without effort. Thanks everyone in advance

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    Pretty solid deck but how it is but without any board wipes rogues are already crippled so I would put some black garbs in there it is a simple cheap way to kill early monsters also mages burn decks can punish rogues very quickly so I always have 2 spelleater bands in my rogue decks. Assassinations are great for control so leave those. With jasmine, dou and anklebreaker you shouldn't need retreats also I would drop the bad Santas because 1 Santa looses 9 shadow points (3 shadow points per card with her ability). Also I would work in oracle in place of honor dead since it gives you the cards and an extra monster , ( most players argue that monsters are better than items) try out those changes and see what works for you.

    So basiclaly I would try
    -4 retreats
    -2 Santa
    -2 honored dead
    +2 spell eater bands
    +4 black garb
    + 2 oracle

    You may want to tweak it for your game style but that should help numb you past the 200 ratings. Let me know how it goes

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    mages are going to be your biggest concern if you don't have spelleater. right now i don't see how your deck can beat them because their spells will just destroy all your creatures because they don't have high health. looks decently solid though. remember a good combo for rogues is assassination and kris. and their biggest drawback is obviously card drawing. if i were you i'd go up to 41 cards and add black garb as a stall for monster heavy decks and take out 1 or 2 retreats, the bad santas (for the reasons ikkii stated), the honored deads, and a dagger. and i'd add 3 garbs and 2 spelleaters and whatever you want your late game to be. if the meta is mage heavy maybe aeon. also kurt is strong against mages if you have trouble with them and wanted a 4 drop
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