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    i actually rearely even come down here and still to the class sub-forums. so i dont think visibility matters as im sure there are lots of players like me. although, i kind of like that people arent cluttering up the subforums with their strategy threads, so going there you just see decks. but then, people cant seem to place there deck threads there either.

    and as for posting them for visibility... maybe at first... then nothing as it gets buried. people are more likely to go to the second page of one of the sub-fourms looking for something that here i think. but truthfully, i think its just extreme laziness and apathy (maybe not the very first time a noob comes here). you click to come to the strategy forum and ALL the subfuroms are listed at the top... and still post your deck here. i even more rarely look at decks here in general.
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    just thought I'd flag up the fact that I can't see the strategy sub-forums when I'm in the strategy section - the area where it's supposed to show them is black. I use google chrome on mac os x. the only reason I know it exists is because I access the forums on my iPhone thru tapatalk.
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