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    Naughty Gwenches

    If you have to ask what the theme of this deck is then you REALLY need to get out more .

    This deck sucks against anything other than AI, and even then you'll probably have to work for it. But it's assets more than make up for that in entertainment value -- enjoy!

    Naughty Gwenches

    In case the Builder doesn't show cards or stops working:

    Gwen x1

    4x Birgitte
    1x Katrin
    3x Zoe
    4x Jasmine
    1x Sandra
    3x Lily
    2x Erika
    4x Raven

    4x Poison Arrow
    2x Flaming Arrow
    3x Rapid Fire

    1x Cobra Skin Wraps
    2x Night Prowler
    1x Crimson Vest
    4X Soul Seeker
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