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    Resource Generation Cards

    Perhaps due to selection bias, but it sounded to me like several people are looking for more ways to boost resource. So I decided to go with the flow and share my imaginations. Several different types of cards are here.

    Support Based

    Return to mother earth
    Cost 5
    Durability 3
    When a friendly ally dies, you may choose to have the ally go to resource pile rather than the graveyard. If so, this card loses a durability.

    Treasure Box
    Cost 2
    (X) Amount of the resource, you have placed in the Treasure box will be kept until your next turn. If this card is destroyed, saved resource will be destroyed.

    One for Two
    Neutral Ability
    Cost 1
    Add 2 resources this turn.

    Ally Based

    Rogue Ally Unique
    Cost 4
    Atk 2 HP 4
    2SE: Take opponent's top resource card and place on top of your resource pile.

    Human Ally
    Cost 3
    Atk 2 HP 3
    1: Your unused resource will be carried over to the next turn. If this ally is destroyed, you will lose the saved resource.

    Resource Card Based
    Add 1 resource during next turn.

    This will basically give you 2 resources the turn after Gemstone is placed on resource pile. This is analogous to "One for Two." But overall, resource card always make you feel you are NOT just sacrificing random card but rather getting effect from them i.e. add even more strategy to sacrifice phase.

    *All resource card will be placed faced up the turn it is sacrificed on the resource pile, then next turn it flips and becomes regular resource. I.e. These are sacrifice specialized card that gives effect rather than simply sacrificed and becomes an resource.

    For detail of Resource card idea see:

    Field approach
    Treasure island
    You may save your resource for one turn. However, if this card is destroyed, all the saved resource will be lost.

    *Essentially, treasure box in field card approach. The difference here is field card (by my idea) will lock your cap of resource so you are already paying for this card in that sense. Thus, when its item you pay 3 resource, but when its field, it appears free but really not in long term.
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