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    Wink Logan "Stoneboner" [1.503]

    Hey everyone! I am really new to this game but I am totally addicted. It's great, really. Anyway, this is my first post and my first deck. I am currently 208 rating but looking to climb higher and wanted to know if this deck has what it takes.

    4 x Brutalis
    4 x Keldor
    4 x Plasma Behemoth
    2 x Shadow Knight

    4 x Valiant Defender
    2 x Reserve Weapon
    3 x Smashing Blow
    2 x Enrage
    4 x Crippling Blow
    4 x Blood Frenzy

    4 x Jeweler's Dream
    2 x Berserker's Edge

    The goal is to gain board control with Plasma Behemoth + my hero ability with the aid of a turn four Jewler's Dream + Valiant Defender.
    I am totally boned if I don't draw a weapon, which has happened a few times. I am thinking about adding Berserker's Edge but I'm not sure how many or what to take out as I only want a 40 card deck. Anyway, I'm really new so any input from more experienced players would be appreciated.

    Edit: So after playing a couple matches in which Berserker's Edge totally saved my bacon I decided to add two instead of DMT. While DMT is cool, he won't save me if I happen to not draw a weapon. I'm happy with this deck for now so I decided to give it a proper name (which I hope doesn't get me in trouble) and to post a turn order. Let me know if anything can be improved!

    The ideal draw is pretty similar when going first or second:

    T2: Brutalis or Crippling Blow if needed
    T3: Blood Frenzy or Keldor if you drew a good hand
    T4: Jewler's Dream + attack, activating Logan's ability if you went second, then Valiant Defender
    T5: Plasma Behemoth and if you went first, activate your ability and hack away and use your two extra resources to play a Crippling Blow, another Brutalis or activate Keldor's ability.
    T6: By now you usually have the board unless your opponent has a lot of creature removal or disables which can happen. Don't worry if that happens, just Lay down your Blood Frenzy if you didn't do so yet and try to look threatening! This deck has answers to most of the things you will face. Good luck!
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