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    Deck advice for a solo oriented Amber

    So after finishing my Boris deck and getting to a high enough rank(couldn't cross 250 damn it) i decided to switch over to amber hoping to make it to a 300 +..i figured she works most effectively as a solo hero with support allies so i looked over some articles on the forums and came up with this
    1x Amber Rain
    4X Jasmine
    2x Birgitte Skullborn

    3x Reserve Weapon
    3x Smashing Blow
    3x Crippling Blow
    2x Rampage
    4x Blood Frenzy
    3x Retreat!
    2x Special Delivery
    2x Rain Delay
    2x Sever Ties

    2x Berserker's Edge
    2x Dimension Ripper
    2x Jeweler's Dream
    2x Rusty Longsword
    1x Snow Sapphire
    1x Nova Infusion

    This deck works wonders against any solo players(Darkclaw mainly) and seems to rip through Mages(especially Majiyas and Elads), against others its average though, the only losses i get monstly against are elementals, Zaladar mostly..
    about the individual cards, provided I get a decent starting hand it's mostly
    t4=BF/Rampage/Rusty Longsword
    after this initial start i focus on my weapons and abilities to take care of the rest..
    Any advice is welcome to my deck to increase its effectiveness in any way..
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    unfortunately I don't think solo decks are capable of hitting 300 ratings now(maybe with exception of moonstalker mill). I also think amber is worse at playing solo then both boris and logan as they both can guarantee kills and gain the most benefit from reserve weapon returned and deployed, if amber wants to gain that benefit then she is not using her ability. I think the most obvious thing to add is to have 4 rampages as solo play relies on a lot of healing.

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    +1 to previous post, and add some Lily to return reserve weapon.
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