My updated version of portal Nishaven. This version is almost tuned.

I have been doing a version of this since 1.24 basically. It's been funny watching it evolve, as back in 1.24-1.26 the deck worked really well, mostly because of how reliably you could get portal out. Once 40 deck minimum size came out, it became harder to use, with much tougher sac phases. Then 1.29 hit and the speed of the game left this deck behind a lot. Now though, the deck is back, and working quite well

I beat some really good people with it, and am liking the way it works. The sac phases are still tough, but you can afford to lose some early board control due to Nishaven's ability. You want to face control decks. Avoid rush decks with this, it won't work as well. Moonstalker can be a bitch to face as well. Other then that, it does pretty well overall.

t4 portal is not the key. t5 or 6 portal is what you really want to aim for. Preferably you play a TO on t4 to set up for your big plays later on.

The deck:

1 x Nishaven

3 x Jas
3 x Puwen
2 x Blake/Dirk (you choose. I prefer Blake for the damage he can do through portal)
3 x POTL
2 x Aldon
2 x Birgitte
2 x Sandworm
2 x Raven/EP/Aeon/Kurt (again, personal preference. EP does work very well through a portal as he hits hard and allows for a suicide combo - for example, hit with your EP so it is exhausted. Then suicide with an ally and it comes back buffed)
3 x Tainted Oracle

4 x Fireball
4 x Portal
2 x Supernova

4 x Tome

2 x LLN
2 x Severed Ties (alternatively, you can replace the severed ties with Dagger of Unmaking)

So there it is. A few options for those who want to experiment with it, but the core is there. My personal preferences for the options are to go with 2 x blake, 2 x EP and 2 x ST.

Key plays;

T4; TO or tome
T5/6; play portal only once you have lost the board. If that is the case, you reset with your ability or supernova and play portal. You then have advantage next 2 turns

T4 portal does work as well, but you often just don't need it and there are better plays.

Obviously the dream start is T2 ally, T3 POTL/Jas, T4 Aldon/TO/Tome

Hope you guys like it.