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    Lance deck work in progress...ya'll can just call it Earth and thunder lance or w/e

    Edit: current deck

    1x Lance

    20 allies

    4x Jasmine
    4x Nightshade
    3x Aldon
    3x Puwen
    3x Earthen Protecto
    3x Aeon

    14 tech

    4x Assassination
    2x Recon
    4x Stop Theif
    4x IGG

    5 armor/weapon

    2x Spelleater bands
    3x Ankle breaker

    40 cards

    Deck is almost finalized. Perhaps its my play style or the deck now having 7 2cc allies, but bad santa was simply never getting used, and i have therefore replaced it. I will use 2 recon until i decided it is better to replace them with 1 weapon/armor and 1 ally. which weapon and which ally to choose will hopefully be more apparent as i play with the recons. That said recon can be an excellent mid to late game card, especially when you are playing out fatties. In my first game so far with recon, seeing my opponents hand was very useful and i just barely defeated an eladawen using bazaar and portal (which was surprisingly stronk).
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