Hi there, this is my first post.
I am playing this game for about 1.5 month's.
I wanted to share a deck with all of you.
I put it together last night. So far it served me well. Please comment

Zhanna Mist

Vigilant Wisp x4
Devoted Knight x4
Tainted Oracle x4
Aeon Stormcaller x1
Void Wretch x4

Retreat x4
Rain Delay x2
Forgiveness x2
Focussed Prayer x3
Resurrection x2
Nowhere to Hide x1
Plague x4
A Legend Rises x1
Tidal Wave x4
Ley Line Nexus x1
Mass Purification x2

Glass Chalice of Knowing x2
Cobraskin Wraps x4
Wizent's Staff x2

Lorhon: Twighlight Encampment x1
Sosilo: Brother's Landing x2
Aumor: Garina Road x4
The Wilds: Trading Port x1
Arthyle's Pass: Dead Man's Breach x3
Yahari: Valley of Doom x2
Raven's Crest: Valley of Secrets x1