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    Red face V1.5 320 Rank Amber Rain deck ~~~~~

    I just stopped my 17 winning streak against 300+ppl (lost to warrior enemy Jericho Spellbane!)
    Hero Leaderboard 1.5 by soothslyr

    At the beginning of V1.5, i use rush style warrior deck to get to 270 then stucked.
    After that i tried many different heroes like priests. I actually wasted that sweet time for rushing rank (where you could gain 5~10+ rank per game)
    After i finally come back to Amber Rain with around 280rank, I already only gain 1~3rank per game
    I feel very comfortable with this deck, time to share it!

    Amber Rain

    Jasmine Rosecult *4
    Puwen Bloodhelm *4
    Aldon the Brave *3
    Tainted Oracle *2
    Earthen Protector *3
    Aeon Stormcaller *3

    Smashing Blow*3
    Enrage *2
    Crippling Blow *4
    Blood Frenzy *4
    Dimension Ripper *3
    Jeweler's Dream *4

    As you can see, nothing fancy here....maybe except for 3 Dimension Ripper LOL.
    Overall this deck is mid game deck, not rush style. However generally game still end before turn 10.
    Now i will explain each card choice.

    Jasmine Rosecult: I tested Priest of Light. I have to say in this deck Jasmine Rosecult >>>>> Priest of Light.
    3HP is too squish and Jasmine Rosecult's ability works extremely well with Jeweler's Dream. It's so sad Priest of Light
    even die to Puwen+Aldon, so even you play first you still at risk to lose it at turn 3, when you play second it's even worse.

    Puwen Bloodhelm: solid 2cc cards. Sometimes you want to sacrifice it if you don't have BF on your opening hand and you play first.

    Aldon the Brave: good card

    Tainted Oracle: Draw engine. You can't have BF every game so by adding 2 TO your deck will be more consistent.

    Earthen Protector: Super super strong ally. Main combo with Aeno. Even with Jasmine Rosecult or Aldon is good. The attack power is very good too.

    Aeon Stormcaller: He is too good in 1.5. Combo with any ally, especially with EP. Aeon+EP is so deadly I won many games because of this combo. (especially vs shadow heroes, they don't have retreat lol)

    Smashing Blow: smashing weapon/armor

    Enrage: This card is so important in death race situation vs mage. If you draw it early normally you sacrifice it unless vs mage.

    Crippling Blow: Board control card to deal with fat allies. (and pray they don't have Sever Ties........)

    Jeweler's Dream: Best warrior weapon

    Dimension Ripper: Another key weapon. I have 3 copies. So in total 7 weapons to make sure you can almost always draw 1 at turn 4~5. DR is NOT a TROLL weapon!! It's extremely powerful if you know what you are doing.
    DR is also a draw engine! I have DR*3 , BF*4 , TO*2. Never run out of cards in mid game.
    DR destroy mages! Steal their Fireball/lighting bolt.
    DR can kill 4hp ally! This is the most important part about DR. You can regain board control with it.
    DR win death race. It deals 4 damage per hit. I won many death race because of DR.
    Don't use DR if you already have major board control and you know your enemy can't break it.
    Don't use DR if your enemy run out of cards and you have BF and 2+cards in your hand. (unless you need to use DR to kill 4hp ally)

    General strategy:
    Early game you want to save your hand and cast BF ASAP.
    Turn 3 cast BF or ally is always a tough choice. It's really depends. Ideally you want BF but sometimes you need to cast Jasmine first.
    When do you cast BF now becomes the most important decision to make. It really depends on your opponent and your hand.
    E.g you have a DR so you know you can kill 4hp ally to get board control back so it allows you to cast BF early.
    Or you have Puwen at turn 2 and you have Jeweler's Dream. It also allows you to cast BF early.
    Sometimes you want to cast it at turn 5 with Jeweler's Dream.
    Anyway it's too situational. Basically you lose board control because of BF. You need to do something to equalize that (normally it's a weapon with Amber's skill).
    Early BF+Jeweler's Dream will enable you the "monster" mode in mid game.

    Another important part is you need to know when to start the "Death Race" mode. (Ignore allies and nuke hero only)
    Normally it's mid-late game and you are about to lose control of the game but you have weapon on your hand.
    This situation is very likely to happen when you face Majiya, Gravebone and warrior mirror.

    Another wall of text lol. Hopefully it's helpful for warrior players

    July updated Version:
    This deck is very old i have modified it
    Jasmine Rosecult *4
    Puwen Bloodhelm *3
    Aldon the Brave *3
    Tainted Oracle *2
    Earthen Protector *2
    Aeon Stormcaller *2

    Smashing Blow*3
    Enrage *2
    Crippling Blow *4
    Retreat *3
    Blood Frenzy *4
    Dimension Ripper *3
    Jeweler's Dream *4

    Basically just add 3 Retreats -1 Aeon -1 EP -1Puwen
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