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As to your deck, too many x2 cards making it rather inconsistent, try to focus it a little more.
I didn't had any problem with card consistency. There a lot of "drawing engine" in the deck. Wulven Trackers are great with elementalis ability making it a 3/7 monsters that draw a card every time it deal damage. Shadow Knight and Ghosmaker help you fetch a creature from your GY. Ley Line Nexus has a cantrip build in and Sacrificial Lamb is great when you draw more then one DMT or is one of your creature has been disable but still on board.

All the key cards are there 4x. The 3x are good to have but I less usefull when draw more then once or twice. The 2x are mostly card that I want to get only once or later in the game (like Ogloth or Ghostmaker) or are answers to specific threat depending on my opponent (Shriek, Energy discharge).