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    Quote Originally Posted by gingervite View Post

    KMC are the best I've ever found. I still buy ultra pro for MTG when I like the picture, but they fall apart. My Mirran sleeves' pictures are already peeling off the back, and those are only a year and a half old. But I have three year old KMC sleeves that still look new, and show no wear and tear beyond slight "scratches" on them. I don't know how to describe them beyond scratches, except maybe dents. But they aren't noticeable unless you closely examine the cards.
    Yeah, KMC and Dragon Shields are the way to go. Ultra Pro has been getting better, though. My Ultra Pro classic MTG back sleeves haven't worn a bit in the year that I've had them, and they have the easiest shuffling of any sleeves I've touched.

    If you're super concerned about the well-being of your cards, I'd first sleeve them in KMC perfect fits, and then inside of Dragon Shields. Personally, I'm not worried enough to double sleeve my cards, but it is an option.

    Quote Originally Posted by razcrux View Post
    You can play with foils so long as your deck is sleeved. If its casual sleeves aren't required, obviously.
    Wait, what? What if you're playing in a booster draft and you pull a foil? I know that I'm zealous enough to sleeve draft decks, but a great deal of people are not.

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    Anyone planning to sell any starter decks on amazon?
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