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    Zhanna Ally Spam/Ally Reinforcement Deck

    I'm currently using Zhanna deck with the following card setups:

    4 Dirk Saber
    4 Sandra Trueblade
    4 Puwen Bloodhelm
    4 Blake Windrunner
    2 Aldon The Brave
    2 Healing Touch
    4 Inner Strength
    2 Ice Storm
    2 Destroy Arms
    1 Resurrection
    2 Holy Shield
    4 Smite
    2 Curse
    2 Cover of Night
    2 Retreat
    2 Reinforced Armor
    1 Special Delivery
    2 Campfire Stories
    2 Rain Delay
    4 Extra Sharp
    2 Bazaar

    It is an ally reinforcement deck, which I found quite weak and relies heavily on luck. Is there any way to improve this deck or should I reconstruct this deck? I'm thinking of creating an ally spam deck with high resources count that allows me to put at 2 to 3 cards at a time with the same hero. It sound impractical, but I wondered if it is possible at least in theory. Thanks in advance for the answers!

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    I'd say:

    Get rid of Dirks
    Holy Shields
    Reinforced Armor
    Special Delivery
    Campfire Stories
    Rain Delays
    Cover of Nights

    Basically, reconstruct the whole thing.

    If you're playing Zhanna, 4x Tidal Wave is pretty much compulsory, along with 4x Destroy Arms, and for card draw get rid of the bazaars (your opponent actually benefits from the extra card first) and get 4x Wizent's Staff and get 3x King's Pride to boost your allies' attack by +2 and their health by +1 (plus it has a lot of durability for your hero and damage reduction of 2).

    Beyond that, 4x Healing Touch helps with her survivability and good allies would probably be 4x Jasmine, Aldon (not sure how many of these you should run, I only play 2 since you can only have one of him on the field at a time though I should probably run more), Puwen's a cheap 2/3 so you could run 4 of him, Birgitte and Aeon help protect your allies since they have to be targeted first so get 4x Birgitte, and however many Aeons you want, and then you can decide between Erika, Raven and Armored Sandworm for your fatties; Erika is quite weak defensively (and will die to any burn spell) but shes a 4/3 that can't be attacked which can be handy, Raven's ability removes all base attack from allies she attacks which can shut them down completely, plus she's a 3/6 so she has enough health to even survive a supernova, and Armored Sandworm is a 2/5 with 2 damage reduction which means an awful lot of effort is required by your opponent to kill it, the only problem being that because of this they normally don't bother, and since its attack is quite small their allies can suck up hits from it.


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