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    Questions and critics about a Boris decklist

    Since i'm relatively new to the game I would like some suggestions from the community about my current deck,
    also I have some questions about the game itself down there if you are feeling extra kind.

    You dont need to read everything, criticize they way you want as long as you give a reason.

    Feel free to suggest cards, any tips you can give about the game are well welcomed.

    Current Deck:

    Written Decklist:
    x1 Boris
    x4 Jasmine
    X4 Kris
    x4 Birgitte
    x1 Lily
    x1 Sandworm
    x3 Puwen
    x2 Aldon
    x2 Banner
    x1 Enrage
    x4 BF
    x4 Retreat
    x1 Campfire
    x1 Extra sharp
    x2 Bad Santa
    x1 Kings Pride
    x2 Jeweler's
    x2 Rusty Longsword

    Reasoning behind each card:

    x1 Boris Skullcrusher: I started to play with him as a template deck, lately i've been thinking about changing to amber
    but at my current rating I still think the map control he gives is stronger than the damage the amber does.

    x4 Jasmine Rosecult: She has a great cost benefit for a 3/4 card and her ability makes her even stronger.

    x4 Kristoffer Wyld: I would say that at least a fourth of my damage in normal matches comes from this card, and he can make quite a damage
    with retreat combined with support cards like Aldon, War Banner and King's Pride.

    x4 Birgitte Skullborn: A cheap meatshield to protect important guys like Aldon and Jasmine from incoming fireballs and spells alike,
    can even pack some damage with support cards.

    x1 Lily Rosecult: She's kinda of a place holder, even though she has a high cost her ability is useful to reciclate weapons/armors.

    x1 Armored Sandworm: Place holder, it may be hard to kill but 5 Resources is way too much.

    x3 Puwen Bloodhelm: He's ok, I think I'll take one off to open space to some other card, mostly because I don't use him very often.

    x2 Aldon the Brave: Really strong, 2 copies seen to be working very well and don't give much dead draws.

    x2 War Banner: Same as aldon.

    x1 Enrage: I maybe get one more copy, so far I haven't been using this card at all.

    x4 Blood Frenzy:I was playing with x2 Blood Frenzy but after I lost to an amber deck because I wasnt
    able to draw cards that would speed up my drawing I decided to go with x4 Blood Frenzy and so far i've had no regrets.

    x4 Retreat!: I found this superior to Crippling Blow mostly because I can use it to combo with Kris and Bad Santa.

    x1 Campfire Stories: Place holder, being useful for now.

    x1 Extra Sharp: Place Holder, some burst damage is never a bad thing.

    x2 Bad Santa: Can be really good, Though I don't like giving my oponent free cards, dont find my self using it unless the opponent
    either have a semi-full hand or i'm desperate for cards.

    x1 The King's Pride: Don't use alot, but when I do it usually helps a lot.

    x2 Jeweler's Dream: I've been using it more nowadays because of it's effect.

    x2 Rusty Longsword: I really like the low cost/relative high damage/low durability combination that this card have,
    I can dish out some damage then get a Jeweler's to work.

    Cards that I thinking about adding:

    x2-x4 Smashing Blow: At my current rating haven't had problems with itens at all, but soon I'll probably do.

    x1 Enrage: You never know when you'll need an extra +10 life.

    1: Is there circumstance that would allow you to equip more than 1 weapon at the same time?

    2: Amber or Boris for the current metagame?

    3: What are the hardest matchups and what counters they?

    Thanks for taking the time to read it.

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    I would suggest to drop the following cards:

    -1 Campfire, you only use 1, so few chances to see it when you need it. Generally, opp will kill your allies, so the heal is pretty situational and BF is way better for drawing cards.

    -1 Lily, same here, only one is not good, and a boris deck does not need weapons/armors as a logan/amber deck. Replace with Aldon, this guy is too good to play only 2 and opp want to kill it almost every time.

    -2 RLS, imo, not good in a boris deck, only 2 dmg, 2 durability and you take a dmg...

    -1 Extra Sharp, highly situational, not to say useless.


    -1 Campfire
    +1 King's pride (2 seems ok for me, I only play 2 KP/2 JD in my boris, if you have it in your opening hand, sac it)

    -1 Lily
    +1 Aldon

    -2 RLS
    +2 Sandworm, this worm is too good, 3 is the minimum I think if you want to see it often, specially against mage.

    -1 Extra Sharp
    +1 Enrage, 2 is ok I think cause you only need one in a game, but don't rely on luck for this card.

    And the most important: you don't play Smashing Blow!! It's an auto-include card, too much weapons/armors in the current meta. Maybe drop Puwen, cause T2 you play BF or you santa-bomb and later, you have better cards to use. 3 is the minimum I think.

    x1 Boris
    x4 Jasmine
    X4 Kris
    x4 Birgitte
    x3 Sandworm
    x3 Aldon
    x2 Banner
    x2 Enrage
    x3 Smashing Blow
    x4 BF
    x4 Retreat
    x2 Bad Santa
    x2 Kings Pride
    x2 Jeweler's

    40 cards

    1) Impossible to have 2 weapons, and if I remember well, you won't do it.
    2) Amber is better, effective for a death-race deck. But it depends on how you play too.
    3) For me, the hardest is Jericho cause difficult to play BF, Logan that keeps killing you allies and Amber/Elad if you don't counter the death-race as fastest as possible.
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    First, I willing to give some general suggestions: don't use "placeholders", usually you don't want to have only one unique card, at least include 2. For example you planning to use KP and get it in your initial draw, in your current deck you can't sac it but add one more and you can get rid of it in hope to draw next.

    Then decide what style you want to play with this deck. Considering amount of cheap allies and your heroes ability I would recommend to use rush style.
    So my recommendation will be something along this lines:

    At your rating you will breeze through your opponents with rush deck, grow in rating faster and then you can reconstruct your deck to be something more competitive with Amber in mind.

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