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    Quote Originally Posted by Spirits View Post
    yeah im lookin forward to this hero. i quote wtzky

    Gravebone in the future:

    Despite the small nerf to his ability to use Portal, Gravebone will be a Tier 1 hero in the next version. He finally gets a protector in Cobra Demon, which he can use to protect whatever he brings back from the grave (or he can alternately have Cobra Demon on a recurse loop so that everytime your opponent manages to clear him, you bring him back). He also gets a great card in Sacrificial Lamb, which has some amazing synergy with his ability (and I have tested it, it is one of my favourite new cards on him) and gets to use Ley Line Nexus which works really well on him. Also look out for the addition of Ogloth, the Shadow faction epic ally which Gravebone will have great synergy with.
    Sorry to ruin your day, but Cobra Demon is no longer a protector. All the rest is correct though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HHHBK View Post
    Portal might work with Nishaven, check Wtzky beginner's guide to find his deck.
    It's for 1.28, but he says he's working on 1.29/1.30 versions of it so... stay tuned!
    Correct having some ok results with 1.3 portal Nish too

    @spirits: very sad to say shadow no longer have a protector Cobra was deemed overpowered after testing and changed
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    Quote Originally Posted by GondorianDotCom View Post
    Sorry to ruin your day, but Cobra Demon is no longer a protector. All the rest is correct though.
    sorry for the offtopic but,if Shadow no longer has protector,then did the defender om humans removed also?
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