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    Gravebone Zombie Love

    Ok so here is my second deck im posting here. Ive been experimenting a lot with gravebone and hes shown to be very powerful, portaling sk and bellas like in killtrends gravebella. They are both your shining duo, your all-stars. Heres the card list:

    4 brute
    3 flyer

    4 medusil
    3 mage thadd

    4 SK
    2 bella

    4 fireball
    4 lightining
    2 novas

    4 portal

    2 shriek
    3 acid jet

    Well the strategy to play the deck is to drop a 2 and 3 cc creature at start to avoid losing board control i have 7 cost 2 drop to counter early kris and birgitte, otherwise they will stack up and give you huge problems when burning.

    Once on t4 you have a lot of options, ig the board is looking good play a portal, misplaced and shriek will annoy you but you have to take risks. If you are in a very bad position, LS their allies and delay portal a turn. If you are going fisrt you could even play a belladona.

    The turns this deck shines is t5 and t6 with your portal active and your bellas and SK having haste and giving you card advantage. Use gravebones ability while portal is active to retrieve a bella/SK and attack on the same turn. They have natural synergy since sk restrieves a bella wich when cast makes me draw another extra card.

    Optimal play is when you are just recursing your zombie allies with SK while portal is on play, sacc any 2cc creatures later on to have resources to play your horde of portaled zombies.

    Remember to to put early pressure and to wait till the portaled-zombie reinforcemenents arrive.

    Id like to hear your thoughts and tips and how the deck could be improved and tuned.

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    I play a similar deck. It almost only lost to Warriors and selfdom Elderwan but it's a good chance that I deal damage quicker than her.

    I have 2 SnowSapphier and 3 Sheriks for DC as its almost a game breaker for DC decks.

    I almost don't don't mid cost allies and only some low but mostly high cost because they are the only guys worth GB's ability.

    I like Bella and really want to like we more but I find myself can't really use her as other shadow 5ccs are better when portal is in play.

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