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    Exclamation 230s Serena Deck "Hot Mess" Needs Advice

    After going on a Shadow Era hiatus 3 months ago, I've returned having successfully completed my first quarter at UCLA. I stopped playing shortly after the patch with all the new allies (marshland sentinel, armored sandworm, etc.) and SOOO much seems to have changed since then. I quickly created a rogue deck after seeing the new hero abilities and rogue weapons, and didn't do much research into how the most successful rogue/serena decks work. I owned everyone up until about rank 200, where I began running into trouble...without further ado, here's what I'm currently working with:

    Hero: 1 card
    1x Serena Thoughtripper

    Allies: 26 cards
    4x Kristoffer Wyld
    3x Puwen Bloodhelm
    2x Blake Windrunner
    4x Jasmine Rosecult
    2x Aldon the Brave
    2x Tainted Oracle
    2x Lily Rosecult
    3x Raven Wildheart
    3x Armored Sandworm
    1x Aeon Stormcaller

    Abilities: 7 cards
    2x Assassination
    4x Stop Thief!
    1x Ill-Gotten Gains

    Items: 9 cards
    1x Good Ascendant
    1x Gravedigger's Cloak
    1x Crimson Vest
    2x Golden Katar
    4x Anklebreaker

    Total: 43 cards

    I know, I know, the deck is a hot mess at the moment...what should I do to rocket ol' Serena up to the 300s!? What's missing? Thanks for your time and feedback!
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    I'm sorry, but it's almost impossible to have a proper Serena deck that can maintain 300 rating.

    It's true that your deck is messy and random but there's no much hope in Serena with the current meta if you want to reach over 270

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    Changes I would make:

    - Serena

    + any warrior hero as you have cards for them already.

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