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    Question BUG : Banebow VS Amber : all his allies could attack immediatly


    First, I'd like to say I love this game, and wanna say a big THANKS to the developper(s).
    You did an awesome job, really.

    Nevertheless, bug happens sometimes, and here's mine.
    I played Banebow [Zaibrash (225)] VS Amber Rain [Syl20 (218)], in Challenge mode, on 2011/12/27, at 11:50 (GMT+1 Paris).

    On 2nd turn, with only 2 ressources, he summoned a Shadow Knight !
    Moreover, he could attack immediatly with him !
    I used Retreat to get rid of him, and tried to chat with him.

    On 3rd turn, almost the same happened : Shadow Knight summoned, immediatly attacking.
    But this time, it came back in his hand on his own !
    Tried to enter in chat mode, but was impossible.

    On 4th turn, same as 2nd one, but with a Fire Snake.

    I finally won, but it was a strange game

    Hope this will help you to improve your great game.
    Once again, thanks for it.

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    Hi, it's a sync error, read the opening post of this thread : and report your game there.
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