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    Violet thunderstorm -possible bug

    ok i'm not sure if this is a bug or meant to be.
    i've had this happen a few times. ( something i've enjoyed) but not sure if it meant to be
    using pc download from homepage ( using game speed one )
    -using Ter adun as hero
    -have Rampage up, with Violet Thunderstorm and normal Berserker edge

    - enemey minon runs up and hits
    -Violet Thunderstorm reaction - takes of there last hit point - rampage heals- Berserker edge hits the minon- rampage heals again

    not sure if this is right
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    I had tried this and the cards work fine. I guess "the Rampage heals again" because your enemy attacks your hero by using a combine with Earthen Protector . So when the minon is destroyed, the Earthen Protector will go to the graveyard, these are two cards which go to the graveyard, so your hero can be heal twice.
    It's great if you show an replay so we could discuss about it.
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