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    Caitlyn's Published Decks

    Caitlyn's deck building guide is HERE you can post comments HERE

    SE physical card price guide is HERE

    my EPIC videos

    (my tournaments are now listed in the 3rd post)
    my published decks:

    Shattered Fates Decks:
    Ter Adun - Ravage Me
    Ter Adun - Basilisk
    Ter Adun - YaRager - community project
    Elementalis - Ravage Me Too
    Serena - ThoughtStripper
    Victor - Hamstring
    Gravebone - PimpSlap
    Gravebone - Catching Fire
    Moonstalker - Skinnin the Puppy
    Tala - Requiem
    Gwen - Sniper Assassin
    Ythan - Birthday Party
    Skervox - SinEater
    Scurvy Pox

    GraveThunder and Lightning - updated to SF
    Eladwen 40 Caitlyn Math Build - updated to SF
    Stripper Amber - updated to SF

    Dark Prophesy Decks:
    GraveThunder and . . . WTF? (100 card deck)
    Ter Adun: Mage Killer
    Serena: Arya Stark
    Moonstalker: Blood and Slaughter
    Victor: One Shot Kill
    Elementalis: Feed the Grave
    Zaladar: Light It Up

    Updated for Dark Prophesy Decks:
    GraveThunder and Lightning
    Solo Ter Adun
    Baduruu Beetle Demon
    Big Bad Wolf Darkclaw

    Ter Adun

    Super Strippers:
    Super Stripper Serena
    Baduruu Pole Dancer

    the STRIPPER collection is now complete. please stay tuned for any modifications and upgrades

    Ter Adun
    Big Bad Wolf Darkclaw

    HAMMER decks:
    Ter Adun

    ANVIL decks:
    Ter Adun

    Ter Adun

    100 card decks:
    DP - Gravebone

    GateMage decks:
    GraveThunder and Lightning

    Other good decks:
    Ter Adun, Lucky 13
    Ter Adun "Crank"
    Eladwen 40 Caitlyn Math Build
    Zaladar 40 Caitlyn Math Build
    Majiya Resurgence
    Moonstalker Ambush
    Insidious Darkclaw
    Gravebone Rain of Fire
    Gravebone, Mage of Death
    Simple Lance
    Lance Assassin
    Lance OVer the TOp
    Jericho GodSmack
    Baduruu Palladium
    Baduruu Beetle Demon
    Zhanna, Laying On Hands
    Ghost Elementalis
    Victor MEGA-DRAW

    Custom AI decks:
    Gwenneth and Friends
    Amber Glory
    Artificial Eladwen

    for a little History on my deck building

    other decks:
    Caitlyn's 1.27 Elementalis Goddess deck

    published 10/25/11
    Elementalis room and board 40
    Darkclaw refined purpose

    published 9/25/11
    my 2 Majiya decks (40 and 30)
    my Gwenneth deck
    my Zaladar deck


    Caitlyn's analysis of the new hero abilities for 1.28

    this isnt a plug. i went back through this discussion and... i found it quite interesting (before it basically got derailed because i was stubborn and wouldnt stop about ter adun and elementalis, and others kept attacking me for it and i attacked back, etc. but thats later in the thread ) if you have a minute or 20, go back through it, its some very interesting reads. the ideas i had that have changed a bit, the ideas others had that have changed a bit. i was actually surprised at how much people agreed with me on most things. funny, i didnt remember that much agreement and it actually had 6300 views and was 20 pages long, wow. i am actually thinking of reviving it with on going new card evaluations.

    MY Tournaments:

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    Alliance One recruitment thread
    my EPIC videos
    Evolution in Theory
    SE Card Price Guide - My Deck Building Guide
    all my decks together
    owner of Earthen Protector flavor text
    Caitlyn™: collecting rage quits since 2011

    Evolution in Theory


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