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  1. Yes to both. Thing is a problem I and others...

    Yes to both.

    Thing is a problem I and others have seen in many online games is the PvE does not prepare someone for the PvP and it should.

    PvE should be set up to condition you to the PvP...
  2. Change the AI decks to ones made by community

    Been playing Campaign on and off, finished Easy mode, now doing Normal. Seems I keep finding more odd stuff. Not counting one of strangeness:
    - When playing Easy, most AI had 22 health and limited...
  3. Wish I could remember the ones from the days when...

    Wish I could remember the ones from the days when we only had half the CotC set. :p
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    ^ This. ^ Now some people think 'draw' means...

    ^ This. ^

    Now some people think 'draw' means have to get from deck but it can mean getting from discard / graveyard or possibly another location. So long as you get 1+ cards without losing any, it...
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    How active is the community?

    Curious because I have not participated in the Forums for a while and it seems currently there is less discussion than when I was more active. I also have been slowly going through Campaign battles...
  6. Does Madelain's Scepter's 0SE ability count as an...

    Does Madelain's Scepter's 0SE ability count as an ability or item?

    Had Threbin vs AI Lance 2-8 today.
    Lance played Kurt Whitehelm.
    I attacked Lance using Threbin with Madelain's then used...
  7. Deathbone kill and Madelin's Scepter odd reactions

    Threbin 2-6 vs AI Majiya
    October 1, 2020
    about 9:30 AM EST
    Threbin Turn 8, I kill a Deathbone using Righteous Strike and heal Justicar Alysia on board. Threbin takes no damage from killing...
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    Another odd AI card play

    Darkclaw 2-10 vs AI Darkclaw
    September 30, 2020
    about 8:15 AM EST
    AI Darkclaw Turn 7 tries to Rabid Bite my Wulven Prophet that he previous disabled with Captured Prey. Nothing happened, just...
  9. Well seems it is not just AI Lance. Had this one...

    Well seems it is not just AI Lance. Had this one today. I wonder if it is part of something bigger given this happened not long before.

    September 27
    Praxix vs Amber 2-1
    about 6:34 AM EST
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    AI playing cards for no reason

    Ever had an AI Opponent play a card for just no reason like this one from this morning?

    September 27
    Amber vs Jericho 1-10
    about 6:18 AM EST
    AI Jericho Turn 8 plays Tidal Wave with no allies on...
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    Sustain text cut off in box (image)

    Seen in cropped image below, the text shown in the text box for any card with Sustain has the end missing reading:

    Sustain - If this cost can not be paid at the end of each of its controllers...
  12. I think it is more of an issue with AI Lance...

    I think it is more of an issue with AI Lance only, I have had this playing vs AI Lance 2 times with different Heroes listed here though mine lasted until Turn 7.
  13. Permeate can only be cast on rightmost ally through drag and drop

    Just did Elementalis 1-10 vs Zaladar about 6:00 - 6:10 AM EST.
    Three times I used Permeate.
    First time was intentionally on right side ally so did not see.
    Second and third time, I tried on allies...
  14. Campaign AI stops playing allies around Turn 20

    Why drag out campaign matches this long?
    To finish some quests.
    Seems though around this turn AI opponents just stop placing allies, sometimes no card plays at all.
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    Boris Mouring the Twilight

    Hero: Boris Skullcrusher (40 cards)

    Ally (18):
    4x Twilight Opportunist
    3x Demetreyo, Twilight Extremist
    3x Twilight Ritualist
    2x Twilight Orphic
    3x Twilight Champion
    3x Twilight Luminary
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    Problems with Advanced Search

    I just tried one with Twilight several ways, kept giving me the same 16-17 results.

    THen a short time later I try both Search and Advanced Search, gives me no results.
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    Flufficho (unfinished concept under test)

    Decided to try making my own fat ally Priest deck.

    The last ones listed in deck diversity are from about 2 years ago for Jericho and Zhanna.

    Name based on Gabriel Iglesias joke.

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    Match Freezes

    This has happened to me twice now.
    Every freeze, I can mouse over either deck and get a side image of cards in the deck.

    First time
    Monday Sept 14
    about 10:30 - 11:00 PM EST
    Zaladar 1-4 vs AI...
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    Net Trap turn bug too powerful?

    Been wondering for some time so today when I played vs a Viktor, I paid attention.

    Elementalis vs AI Viktor Campaign 1-8 between 9 AM and 9:30 AM EST today 9-9-2020

    Elementalis Turn 5 - my...
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    Campaign text problems


    Before match text, first person to speak goes by really fast.

    After match, SKIP in upper right not visible though still works.
  21. Rapacious Vermin if items / abilities cleared from board, no Sustain penalty

    If a board is cleared of items and / or abilities that were on it, the Sustain penalty of Rapacious Vermin does not kick in.

    In this image, I would have expected my non-disabled Vermin to penalize...
  22. But if you use an ability such as Nishaven's,...

    But if you use an ability such as Nishaven's, Lightning Bolt, etc, it gains stats once a turn and takes no damage.

    Text gives the impression it should gain stats on an opponent turn if they do...
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    Tried it in v3.9 Still a problem, when it...

    Tried it in v3.9

    Still a problem, when it comes to discarding no card can be chosen.

  24. Thunderstone Goliath no stat gain from opponent electrical use

    Recently did a Nishaven mirror, only ally on board was my Goliath.
    I used my ability, Goliath stats buff to 4 / 6.
    Opponent Nish uses ability, no stat gain.
    If intentional, card text needs...
  25. Covert Operative, cannot cancel out of playing it

    Recently tried playing this ally then wanted to cancel the play before choosing a target, found there is no Cancel button when choosing a target that would put the Operative back in hand or even...
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