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  1. Forum Bug - image links not right until post edited

    Last two topics I started here and here both had the image links displayed odd until I chose Edit Post then saved even with no changes.
  2. Baduruu foil with weapon displays strange when closeup

    When there is a closeup of cards, the Baduruu foil had this strange look that had some of his weapon card floating through his Hero card. Never happens with non-foils, not sure if same problem...
  3. Serena 1-10 vs Eladwen, missing graphic

    During after match conversation, there is one point where the Corrupted Angel image is missing from her response.

  4. Kion the Magnificent not color changing when played or after attack

    For some reason not know this happened today.
    Zhanna Mist campaign Easy Battle 2-2 vs Ter Adun.
    When I played Kion the Magnificent and after he attacked, his art was not getting darkened like other...
  5. How to link and play Shadow Era through GOG Galaxy 2 Launcher

    Galaxy 2 is supposed to be a platform for not only your GOG games but also others. They allow you to link games from other platforms (Steam, UPlay, etc.) and individual programs in though the method...
  6. Not sure but I would say try Tom's Hardware...

    Not sure but I would say try Tom's Hardware, I think they would provide better Support for an issue like this.
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    Audio levels needed

    This is the only game I have that does not have this.
  8. Bug - No Chest of Day if Campaign is on 1-1 [NOT A BUG]

    For some reason, if I have Campaign on 1-1- Easy not done, the Chest of Day does not show up at all.
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    Really, I have commented before how on Easy using...

    Really, I have commented before how on Easy using starter decks like new players get, going against even AI opponents who have cards on board before first draw and decks with 5+ copies of cards is...
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    Gwen 1-7 = no chance on Easy mode?

    So I have been slowly doing these Easy ones with starting decks to see the NPE and this was the first one where I felt the starting deck had no chance of winning, I had to switch to a custom deck...
  11. MINOR BUG - double click a sacrifice card can result is misalignment

    From a match I did, I had double clicked a card in hand during Sacrifice. This resulted in the card going to the resource pile but it was off center, it did eventually center itself during a card...
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    OK now I got more proof. I have done some other...

    OK now I got more proof. I have done some other Hero fights with starter decks on Easy mode.

    1 - First there is the Shadow vs Human, I believe when the new Campaign system was implemented this was...
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    I am using the starter Nishaven deck to see how...

    I am using the starter Nishaven deck to see how that feels for New Players.

    I just tried the Boris campaign again on Easy using Boris' starter, 1-5 is when you last have that free Corrupted Angel...
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    Lost Lands Armor list backwards stats

    On the Card List page under Lost Lands set, the Armor section has the DUR and DEF columns titled backwards.
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    Nishaven Campaign possible issue

    Is it normal for battle 1-6 vs Ter Adun with Nishaven that Adun starts with a War Banner and Brutalis on the board in Easy Mode?

    I did all the other Mage Campaigns on Easy, do not remember any...
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    Confused on Starter Decks

    So getting into the game again after time away, I work on doing the Easy AI missions and figured I would use Starter decks for that to see how they do from a New Player perspective.

    First thing...
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    Picture Upload / Linking problem

    I have tried uploading screenshots but no matter file type I get told my images are too big.
    Now I cannot link them from remote sites, I did it fine yesterday but today would not work twice.
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    OK I missed that with Majiya but in the Eladwen...

    OK I missed that with Majiya but in the Eladwen linked one beneath it, I had it saved with the title TMK no draw meaning it should have allowed me, was not used yet and only have 1 card in hand.
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    Tome of Knowledge Draw Card Bug (Majiya)

    Been slowly getting used to SE after time away through campaign battles.
    My last match as of this post was my Majiya deck vs Moonstalker in the Majiya campaign on Easy 1 star.
    Turn 10, I just used...
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    Maybe I should open a second deck slot for that....

    Maybe I should open a second deck slot for that.

    I am doing the same, Lyth map, vs Gravebone, he actually starts with a Mountain Wolf and Tome of Knowledge out.

    So far I got through Lyth with...
  21. BUG - No card draw from Tome once vs AI (can't reproduce)

    I was playing my Eladwen in the Lyth Campaign 6th battle on Easy vs Ter Adun, last match I did today.
    I had the board seen below but I had 3 resources, I used 2 to activate Tome of Knowledge,...
  22. Campaign match goals listed incorrectly (not a bug)

    I remember last time I played when the new campaign system came in, some matches had different goals such as Survive 6 turns. Now I do not see that goal.

    I just did Eladwen's 4th match vs Zaladar,...
  23. TY, solved.

    TY, solved.
  24. Cannot Login, not getting email to reset password

    After some time away, I went to Login to SE. It tells me my Password is incorrect and asked if I wanted an email to reset it. I did this twice but never got the email, it is not in my Junk Mail...
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    Visual Graphics Bug, second mission, Eladwen,...

    Visual Graphics Bug, second mission, Eladwen, Lyth map.

    Was using a deck with Frozen and AI had 2 Cave Spiders on board.
    Both got frozen but one displayed a visual bug.
    Usually the Frozen...
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