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    nhac tre 2015 || nhac remix viet nam hay nhat hien nay || lien khuc nhac tre || viet mix 2015

    Lin Khc Nhạc Trẻ Remix Hay Nhất 2015 || Nonstop 2015 Việt Mix Gi Xinh Nhất
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    Wow, congrats on your second winning entry! ^^ For you unknowing people reading this, here's his first.
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    part 2:

    as for the kyle picking cards at last minute issue. i don't think he really play test the cards. i know there is or is going to be a beta group tester, but haven't heard of anyone that is in it, so maybe that's for the next expansion.

    right now i really do think him giving in to our pandering / suggestions about a card before a release is fine. this game unlike physical card games can literally change a card when it comes out and that's a huge benefit of having an online game. the only problem i have is with people complaining about overpoweredness when it isn't true. having a card that is underpowered, i think, is easier to recognize. take for instance dirk saber or brutalis.
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    to be honest. i have no clue. in retrospect it was probably really poor judgement stocking up on cards i'm not even sure i'll be using.

    for human hunters it's going to be near same as eladwen/boris decks for allies, because human allies are just that good.

    x4 blake
    x4 sandra
    x3 aeon
    x4 death trap
    x4 net trap
    x4 into the forest
    x3 night prowler
    x4 whatever weapons are coming out for hunter
    x4 poison and burning arrows

    i know it doesn't look like much, but my elementalis deck didn't look like much either but it worked a good amount of times. for right now there isn't much of a choice with the limited amount of cards. the weapons have to be playable or else archers are gonna suck still.
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    okay, if you have any questions i'll try my best to help. just don't be afraid to ask on the forums, some might groan / bite your head off because of a question, but there are some very helpful and nice people as well.

    as for the hunter gear, no clue. i thought kyle had everything picked out, but if last minute suggestions are still able to be picked then I guess not. so right now i think he is just having an easier time deciding on the hunter gear than anything else, or he thinks that most people would want to see new cards for the heroes that aren't being played as much as the others first because if the mage stuff got previewed first some people are just gonna whine (like myself before) that mages already have everything.
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    edit: saw that you had a part 1 to your continued, was wondering why there was a (continued) lol.

    yea, i actually picked eladwen too for the starter without reading anything. just seemed like the best cost/performance ability. from playing mtg. i was kind of shocked to see the blake/puwen/fireball cost to performance ratio was so much stronger than in mtg when i first started.
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    part 2. first one was too long.

    and no prob on the deck idea thing, i would probably just post on the forum though to get more input, there's really no reason to hide an idea since people will just observe when you play and copy everything anyways. only time secrecy would be helpful is if there starts to be tournaments.

    also, been getting pm's about deck suggestions when people watch me play, totally feeling stalked sometimes lol.
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    yea...gravedigger cloak. that'll probably be modified to make it more playable. i feel bad for spootz since he's even having second thoughts.

    the trading thing, yea, i don't think that'll happen. i mentioned why in a couple posts, but mainly it boils down to starting new accounts to abuse the system, and losing too much money for the devs. if they do decide to implement it i hope the make at least a lev 10 minimum to be able to trade.

    someone is running a semi decent banebow deck right now and weapons will really help right now. the guy i played against would've had me if he had anyway to deal better damage. but i also think that most of the weapons/armor cards are gonna be 5-7 cost. it's going to be weird to see how the game adjusts to it.
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    yea, it's why i bought aeons. i still need 2 more aldons too. i didn't buy them before because it was just cliche with everyone running them and i started playing with mostly shadow so i don't have a good human card list. don't even have 4 blakes or sandras either.

    with the new update i think i will start to run humans for the hunters and aeon to me is a must play for humans, but with the mind control fix i'm going to be very careful when playing against elemental decks.

    i'm going to hopefully be able to build at least 2 new decks since i have 200+ shadow crystals, those are probably gonna go into both hunter starter decks though. really was hoping to play warrior. maybe human hunter/warrior starter deck then. depends on the rest of the cards announced I guess.
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