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    Good points all around, thanks. I'm a little upset about the last minute pick for the Gravedigger's Cloak, personally. I thought Kyle's silence for the last week meant that he was busy playtesting the ideas from 1-3 weeks ago. How the heck could he have playtested Spootz's Gravedigger's Cloak enough to pick it less than 6 HOURS after the idea submission???

    I am curious to see what your Human Hunter deck is going to look like. It's obviously a work in progress, since previews are still rolling in... but care to share?
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    Haha, didn't intend to sound secretive. Just wanted to give us a chance to ask "stupid" questions that the forums have probably seen 100 times, but we might not be as familiar with. In case you wanted to know a good human ally layout because you don't play humans normally, or if I wanted to ask how you specifically were going to make a Hunter deck work despite my initial doubts.

    I hope Kyle doesn't change the Gravedigger's Cloak. He really shouldn't make a precedent of succumbing to the forum mob's yammering (ourselves included). Also, what the heck is up with all the hunter gear being previewed? No love for the mages, and barely any for any other classes.
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    Anyways, if player-to-player trading goes up in the next update though, I could trade you the extras allies that I'll get when I pick up the Human Warrior starter. Whether I run Boris or Amber Rain will depend on how good the Warrior weapons are in this update. I'm REALLY hoping that Amber Rain's dual wield ability makes her the better hero, because running Boris will be like running a variant of Eladwen. Bleh...

    If you ever want to share deck ideas or anything, let me know. I'm pretty sure that I prefer Humans right now, but with a few missing shadow abilities coming in v1.24, that might change.

    Oh, and it hurts me to say, but I don't know if Hunters are going to be great, even after this update. I think they take too many resources and too much time to set up right. Maybe I'm not thinking it through throughly enough and and it actually does all fall into place during gameplay. Well, time to read the latest new reveal... hmmm... Gravedigger's Cloak...
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    Yeah, Mind Control would be another good reason to be cautious with Aeon...
    4 Aldon & 4 Sandra are pretty critical for Humans. I played with 3 Aldon for a while, and adding #4 really made a difference! My human ally layout is pretty solid, IMHO, so I'm sticking with Humans and moving from Human Mage to Human Warrior after the update.

    (And yes, my dirty little secret is that I play Eladwen. =D I picked her for my starter deck before I ever looked at forums or cardlists. It was based solely on my knowledge from MtG. I guess I just lucked out and picked the top hero in the game. Even after the nerf, I think still think Eladwen is going to be STRONG. She'll just take a couple more turns than normal to win, that's all.) </aside>
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    I know! Aeon was 600 gold for the longest time... I'm guessing that people stopped buying booster packs and the existing supply started drying up, raising the price. I still haven't gotten any Aeons yet. I think that there will eventually be better late game cards than Aeon. I think that he's really good right now because no other comparable cards exist right now. It doesn't seem like any comparable allies are going to show up for a while either, at the rate Kyle and team are going.

    Also, I've only got 1300 gold right now, and a lot of that is going to be spent on buying up my next deck. I guess I'm not getting any Aeons right now, even if I wanted to.
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    Hahaha! No sooner did you ask for it, it happened. Way to go! You made a very thoughtful post about the designer feels about their creations. I honestly think you're armor is going to be great, but not too great to be hated. It's makes for a huge & fun effect, but it's costed high at 5 resources, so it probably won't be an automatic 4-of.

    I have this feeling that the Beetle Demon Bow isn't going to be a staple or played that much at all, honestly. Kyle powered down the beetle from 5/5 to 3/5, and I think that made the difference. The difference between 3 and 4 attack is so key to the game right now (Aldon, Bad Wolf, etc.) I'll be a little sad if the card ends up in the bargain bin, but hey, I've still got a unique card design in a real TCG game! Can't beat that, right? =D
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    Thanks! Good luck to you, too!

    Hey... when Kyle said that there were entries that were a combination of good ideas, do you think he meant ours? =D That'd be great!

    Here's the quote from the Heavy Armor 165 thread...
    QUOTE: "Some winners were picked as a combination of entries, eg somebody's good card name combined with somebody else's good effect, so they are both #winners"
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    Haha, like the one about Lone Wolf.
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