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    by Published on 11-20-2017 09:43 PM
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    Hi all!

    These are the finalised versions of the 13 new Campaign Cards in v3.52. (A few are different to when they were originally revealed thanks to playtesting feedback from players on the Test Server.)


    Layarian Knight - 2cc Human Ally - 2sword/3HP
    All combat damage to Layarian Knight from allies is reduced by 1.
    All ability damage to Layarian Knight is increased by 1.

    Layarian Sentinel - 3cc Human Ally - 3sword/4HP
    Defender (When this ally is attacked, the attacker takes combat damage first.)
    Layarian Sentinel does -2 combat damage while attacking.

    Kion the Magnificent - 7cc Human Ally - 4sword/8HP - Unique
    Steadfast. ...
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