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      Shadow Era is a physical and digital collectible card game (CCG) featuring gorgeous card art, highly balanced gameplay, and streamlined game rules.

      Unlike most other hybrid card games, the digital game came first and was designed to accommodate both new players and veteran CCG players alike. Thanks to a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, the physical version was later produced to create a high quality game with the exact same rules and cards as the digital version. Whether you prefer to play digital or physical or both, you'll always have a good time with Shadow Era!

      Visit our online store to order physical products, or read about our Champions program to find players and stores near you.

      The digital version is available for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. Visit the download page to get started!

    • Gondorian

      by Published on 03-16-2018 04:15 AM
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      The Beta Playtesting has gone very well so far and we have just released v3.55 onto the Test Server with bug fixes and balance changes. (Details here:

      We now need to spend the next ten days playing as much as possible on there to look for bugs and any other balance issues to correct for the v3.60 live release at the end of March.

      This makes it the perfect time to have some Prerelease Events, which will kick off with single-elimination tournament starting this Saturday 17th March at 8pm GMT+0.

      Other tournaments will take place on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (times to be confirmed) and then we will finish with a HUGE tournament on Saturday 24th March at 6pm GMT+0.

      PLEASE NOTE: To take part in these events, or just to play with the new cards early on the Test Server, we will have to create a Test Server account for you, so you will need to contact us to let us know you are interested (PM me here or on Telegram @Gondorian), with your in-game name. Also include your Apple ID email or Google Account email if you want iOS/Android access, respectively.
      by Published on 03-13-2018 01:38 PM
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      We wanted to put this into Chairman's Update 5, but we've decided to defer making that until after Lost Lands Part Two has released, so we have this short organizational update in the mean time.

      The Board of Directors has been streamlined to three members and we have found this to be working well since this change was made in mid-February:
      - Ian Bolton (Gondorian on here, @Gondorian on Telegram) as Chairman
      - Nikola Pokimica (Veles on here, @NikVeles on Telegram)
      - Joseph Cook (Phantom on here, @Phantom_BoD on Telegram)

      We three are also Directors of Shadow Era Ltd, the legal entity we need to take income directly from Google Play, the App Store, Steam, our online store, etc. and pay expenses such as web hosting. As of right now, all income still flows through Wulven (and all expenses are paid by Wulven) but we have visibility of all this and full control of where money is spent. The transition to having everything being under Shadow Era Ltd is taking longer than originally planned because there is a lot to try to get right that could ultimately impact the game negatively if we rushed it through.

      Whilst the Board of Directors is now almost completely different to where we started in August, our Organizational Purpose is still the same, and indeed the changes we've made so far (and the decision to not rush the transition) have been driven by this:

      "To continuously improve Shadow Era in a regular and sustainable way for the benefit of its players and token holders."

      (One other organizational change to note, which is also driven by that, is that I have become Game Director, with the same high-level responsibilities as I had before, but much more work has now been delegated to others that I have faith can deliver as well or better than I could.)
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      by Published on 03-13-2018 03:53 AM
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