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      Shadow Era is a digital collectible card game (CCG) featuring gorgeous card art, highly balanced gameplay, and streamlined game rules.

      Unlike most other free-to-play card games, Shadow Era never forces you to buy cards to advance! Many of the best players have earned every card they have by playing the game, while others prefer to give themselves a head start on their journey baby purchasing packs. No matter how you choose to collect, you can always have a good time playing Shadow Era!

      If you prefer to play your way to the top, you can earn Shadow Crystals and Pick A Cards by winning one of the many player-hosted tournaments that are held every month, or you can just grind your way down the path to success in Campaign mode or in multi-player battles.

      If you prefer to give yourself a little nudge in the right direction and time is more valuable than money to you, Visit our online store to find special bundle deals to jump start your journey.

      The current digital version is available for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. Visit the download page to get started!

    • Gondorian

      by Published on 07-17-2015 01:51 AM
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      Welcome back to the 3rd installment in our series of articles about Shadow Era's 4th set, Lost Lands. (In case you missed the previous two articles, follow this link and this one.) In this article, I'll be expanding on the two primary design goals of Part 1 of the set.

      The Stars Are Aligned

      You've probably noticed that a significant ...
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      by Published on 07-09-2015 07:50 PM
      Article Preview

      Welcome, fellow traveler! The aim of this article is to give you the complete set of rules associated with our new card type, Location, which was unveiled in our Announcement of the Lost Lands set on July 1st.

      In case you missed the first revealed Location from that announcement, or simply need a reminder, here it is again:

      It was great to see so much excitement and speculation about how our new card type will work, just from that one spoiler, but now it's time ...
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      by Published on 05-25-2013 02:30 AM
      Article Preview

      In December 2011, the Shadow Era Design Team was formed, after Kyle took applications from the Shadow Era community.

      Over the course of the past 18 months, some members have left and others have joined, also from the community.

      Now, Kyle is once again looking to the community for worthy talent ...

      (Hoping one day to find it!)

      But he's not just asking for applications by email this time ...

      He's decided to go +1 better ...

      The Wulven Apprentice is a multi-week contest,
      where one lucky member of the Shadow Era community
      will win a paid role working for Wulven Game Studios!

      Who Should Apply?
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