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I've gotten a couple comments about my music (linked in my forum sig), and figured it might be worth a brief blog.

Link: Here

I haven't updated it in a while, I think it's been almost a year... since the last real update anyway (Only 1 song was added and that was late last year). But it has a large list of various music styles. You have your basic orchestral stuff, some world music, electronic, even some heavy metal (that in particular could use updating, I've gotten much better with mixing and writing, and my recent stuff blows anything listed on there out of the water).

I'm still hoping to at some point get into composing for video games. A few songs were chosen for a web series by called Metal Gear Ben. And I composed a theme for my WoW guild way back when I joined (an incomplete revision can be heard at the top of the list). "Clan Theme" also originated as a guild theme for a Guild Wars guild I used to be in years ago, but the guild fell apart before the song was done.

I could yammer on about my "years of intense music lessons" but actually I never had private lessons. I learned violin in a 4th grade music class (and only played for 1 year), took a really half-assed piano class in 9th grade (beginner and advanced class were the same thing). My guitar work is (unfortunately) entirely self-taught, and most of what I know about writing music is also self-taught. I guess I did yammer...

That's about it. Enjoy.

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