Just a couple of games.

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I want to log some of my matches for my own sake. Just something I've done to remind myself of certain matchups.

I'm playing a poor man's Eladwen. I'm grinding my way to get all the cards I need/want. It's just a tool box of sorts, but I think I do okay. Tonight will probably a good testing ground. Oh yeah, I don't mind playing 32 cards, because the percentages work out the same.

Match #1
Hwana playing Darkclaw, leaves before the game could get started =(

Match #1 1.1
Lonewolf001 playing Zaladar.
I go first and get to BAD SANTA him, turn two. He nets one card because he played something turn 1. =T. he has two creatures by turn 3. I slow him down turn 4 with Sandra Trueblade, but he hits me with triple Here be Monsters after. He runs out of gas as Research lets me keep my resources up. He clears the board with Zaladars ability, I drop Aeon, he MC's it. *frown* It's okay, cuz I have two more in my hand and Eladwen on 6 counters. I blow it up and swing through, gg. +2 = 376, 15 PU.

Match #2
Genocidex playing Zaladar.
Dude is playing with 47 cards...He forgets to attack a lot after playing a lot of crazy trix. Research helps me stabalize after stealing a couple of cards from my hand, gg. +1 = 377, 30 TPU.

Match #3
Frosty Eladwen playing Eladwen.
Finally, first mirror. I go first. Triple aeon, starting hand -.-;;. I really don't have anything to play until turn 4!
NTS: was it good to toss Bad Santa instead of one of the 3 Aeons?
I definitely let one go after drawing Research. Two things I think are really important in the mirror is Research and Portal. It completely changes the game >.<. Aeon is important too, but knowing how to attack it is very key, especially if they get theirs down first. Sandra helps slow him down, but eventually both Aeon's in hand make it on the board, gg. +4 = 381, 45 TPU.

Match #4
Colt45 playing Eladwen.
I'm on the play and get to Bad Santa, turn 2. Then he plays Bazaar. I put portal down, turn 5, turn 6 Aeon swing. Turn 7, Aeon, bash. He's at 12, I'm at 16. Turn 8, Aeon. It wasn't pretty. +1 = 382, 60 TPU.

Match #5
Mako79 playing Boris.
I start with no card draw and no creatures. Bleh. Getting a slow start against this deck in my experience sucks. They just totally get to set up, too bad their equipment is pretty bad right now. I still peak interest in him after he gets some nice weapons though. Bad Santa'd while he had Blood Frenzy in play, TAKE ONE! >.<. Portal goes down turn four. I 2 fer 1 his windrunner and Aldon with Supernova. This game gets real good. Lots of things happen but his drawing two cards a turn finally runs me out of gas, perhaps! Nope, he totally gets me. GG mang! Real good game ^-^. -1 = 381, 75 TPU.

Match #6
Zaladar playing ... ZALADAR!
He doesn't play another resource after I Sandra Trueblade him so when I get to 6 resources, Aeon takes on his 4 weenie's, but then he concedes. +3 = 384, 90 TPU.

Match #7
CDR playing Eladwen.
lost -.-; -4 = 380.

5-2 ain't bad. Getting tired.

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  1. jawaknight's Avatar
    Great reports.. good to read
  2. Kol's Avatar
    Thx! I'll try to be a bit kore detailed next time.