Bad Santa

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I would just like to take some time to give this card some credit. I love it. I laugh every time I play it second turn on the play. It's not broken or anything, but not too shabby at, "pay 2 on the play to draw 3 cards".

To me, when I play it second turn on the play, I get this satisfaction of knowing my opponent will not reap any of the benefits (drawing any extra cards). If he doesn't play anything turn one, then he only draws one card (the card he was going to draw anyway) and he negates his draw for that turn due to being at 7 cards before draw. Is that not awesome?

It's not something I'd auto-4, but it happens enough to where I had to shout, well at least whisper at the rooftops about. It's not too shabby late game either, but pretty sick early almost always ^-^. Especially if you're playing mage.

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