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So two days ago, in this thread, I said:
"I'm at about 350, maybe can grind some pvp this weekend to crack the top 20 (will likely all be 400+s by then). "

At the time, IIRC, the top 20 was all about 370+.

Well I reached that goal over the weekend.

And I was right about the top 20, all are in the 400s now (#20 is 407).

I'm sure reading this blog a month from now those numbers will seem ridiculously low.

I've also found that just through grinding a bunch of PVP games (I played a few AI at the beginning, but all PVP since then) I've accumulated a bunch of gold and xp. So my next goal is to make top 10 in all three lists. Think I'll probably be able to do it by this afternoon/evening.

Then I'll drop off the lists, cause I played a ton this weekend and am not planning on playing so consistently, which is what's needed to maintain a high rating.

If this game expands the way I hope it does though, there'll be some fun goal setting in the future (make a broken deck to force a card errata, for example.. win a tournament.. etc)

EDIT: Done.

I was coincidentally #7 on both rating and level, so I went ahead and sold a few extra cards to bump up the gold to #7 as well.

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