Card of the day - Bloodlust

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Bloodlust marks the first card where the art is potentially controversial. I don't see it myself. I prefer Shadow Era to be a game targetd towards young adults ages 16 on upwards, and let the younger people seek their gaming thrills elsewhere.

Or maybe I'm just a creep. Heh.

I suppose I'm drawing attention to this now, rather than being passively quiet it about it.

What do you guys think? Too much? I'm I wrong? Sound off!

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  1. kaboom132's Avatar
    Eh, it would probably be a bit better if the bottom half was a bit better covered, but I'm fine either way.
  2. Paradox's Avatar
    Yeah. I guess. I'm inclined to see how many complaints there are before taking any action. Just me.
  3. Notthevictim's Avatar
    I'm 14, so this may not be targeted for my age because most people my age wouldn't be interested! I am very interested though. As for the card, yeah it is controversial, but so is the Succubus! What I hope is that cards like this don't give it a 17+ rating
  4. Paradox's Avatar
    A worthwhile point Notthevictim. I guess I'd rather see this card modified a little rather than have Apple make an issue of it.

    Oh, and I'm sorry if the age comment came across poorly. I need to be careful about generalizing. Gaming has always had young people that are bright, interested and mature.. and they shouldn't be dismissed simply by virtue of their age.

    Back to the card: I'm just saying let's wait and see if this is actually a big deal before becoming too reactive. That's a downward slide.