Shadow Era cheats

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It is obvious that the creators and technical support for Shadow Era could care less about ending the cheating in this game. There is unjustified losses from 'account logged into elsewhere and defeats issued for no good reason while winning. These are cheaters taking advantage of the too overly relaxed and careless creators of this game. So, in defiance, I will research all possible cheats for this game and supply them to everyone in order to level the playing field. Not my first choice, as I have petitioned Shadow Era more than several times to solve these problems (they thought ignoring me was the best was to illusion their incompetence), but I now, unfortunately, can only do this. Let's start off with small cheats and work our way up until Shadow Era creators and technicians decide its time to side with the honest players. Here is a link to a YouTube video that use can use to cheat . ENJOY!

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  1. Shadow Era's Avatar
    That video is a confirmed fake though!

    Plus another one where he shows that he gets free Shadow Crystals, but he's stupid and leaves his system clock visible so that you can see he edited the video and he really spent the crystals instead of gaining them LOL

    But we do have a bounty on details for cheating and hacks, and we always fix it immediately once we have reproducible steps. In fact we just paid out on this bounty and a big cheating fix is included in the next version due out any day now...
  2. Zbane's Avatar

    Check into a cheat that allows a sync error to occur and ends the game in a draw. I've no hard proof but I believe a cheat like this exists, as I've run into it several times over the last few months, always only when I'm about to win.