Thoughts and Input

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For starters, I feel it is necessary to state that this is my fist TCG and it has a real good hook to keep a person interested... I've been playing for about 2.5 weeks now and would like some input on my current deck that I am using as I don't necessarily feel it is good enough to get a higher rating. I made three decks but the main one I use is the Eladwen Frostmire deck... Deck is as follows:

Eladwen Frostmire

3x Kristoffer Wyld
3x Puwen Bloodhelm
3x Raven Wildheart
3x Aldon the Brave
3x Priest of the Light
3x Tainted Oracle

4x Fireball
4x Lightning Strike
3x Tome of Knowledge
2x Portal
4x Supernova
2x Retreat
2x Honored Dead

Any helpful input would be nice as I am trying to get up there in regards to my rating...

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