What would your deck be?

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Title says it all.

Assuming we're playing with 40-card decks, here's mine:

Majiya (not counted)
Fireball x4
Plasma Behemoth x4
Lightning Strike x4
Here Be Monsters x4
Blake Windrunner x4
Sandra Trueblade x4
Jasmine Rosecut x2
Bad Wolf x4
Keldor x2
Portal x2
Engulfing Flames x2

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  1. Benjee007's Avatar
    Plasma Behemoth,Here be Monsters and Bad wolf are the only shadow cards there + some mage cards(Majiya is shadow hero so it cannot use human cards) So it won't work
    Decks will be 30 cards if im right?
    I would definitely make a wulven deck with Moonstalker if there be some good wulven supporting abilities.
  2. kaboom132's Avatar
    Just assuming you can use any card atm as there aren't enough to really use only the revealed Shadow/Human Mage cards.
  3. Eney's Avatar
    The minimum is 30 cards with no maximum.