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The Big Oni

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Current in PvP: 3-1. Lost against a Majiya deck but it was a close race; opHero down to 7 life at the end.

Last game against a Gwen deck, Soul Seekers and all. 3x Sparks by T3, plus a buff on one Spark (yeah, it was what I had to work with) and she was down to 16 life in a flash. Controlled the board so well that my own hero wasn't even damaged. Not once. This in spite of two tactical errors I made that allowed the deaths of my peeps unnecessarily. Oh, well. Practice, practice, practice.

Zaladar - 1-0
Zaladar - 2-0 (Rage out)
Majiya - 2-1
Gwenneth Truesight - 3-1 (No Hero Damage)

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