From the Shadows "A Hopful Wishlist for first expansion"

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Hello Shadow Era Fans! It's been awhile since my last blog but I've put a great deal of time into this Wishlist for the 1st expansion and thought this could be a fun discussion. First off, if you listen to State of the era podcast like I do then you might have heard back a couple of episodes when Game Origins was happening and the design team gave a small sample of what the new 150 card expansion will be liked and he mentioned that there are "meta-shifting" cards that we will love. Of course that doesn't tell us much but hopefully spoilers are just around the corner and I really hope we have new cards to ogle over very soon. Here is some cards that I really hope we see.
1. Resource Manipulation. I think the game needs more of these. I know we have some in terms of feedback,here be monsters etc, but I'd like to see ally's that you can tap and gain a certain number of resources depending on your total number of ally's you have in play. How would this help? One way it would help is to allow the design team to come up with BIG Ally's Aka "fatties". MTG set called eldrazi proved that you can have insane amount of fatties with crazy abilitys and not take the fun and strategy out of the game. If you never seen MTG's Eldrazi set def look it up, it was alot of fun.

2. Reverse sided Heros. Instead of making new Heros, which by the way there are no new Heros coming, but I think it would be cool if Heros had 2 different abilitys each printed on one side of the card. A way you would flip your hero over during the game could be shadow energy or have specific cards that would "transform" your hero to take advantage of the 2nd ability. Could you eimange the deck builds, win conditions. My head is spinning already just thinking about

3. Alternate ally factions. Another thing I like from another TCG is from World Of Warcraft TCG, and they print ally's that belong to one faction and print those ally's to the opposite faction. I just started play wowTCG and not sure if they print new abilitys or not but even changing standard cards a little that are from the first will make the game very dynamic and ever evolving.

4. Quest Cards. I'd love to see cards that people can build around as a win conditions other then ally's and or weapons. One magic card ive always like was called "battle of wits" which stated that at the start of your turn if you have 200 cards in your library then you win the game. All I can say to that is WOW! It would be awesome to have your opponent pass turn knowing he can't do anything in terms of not losing LMFAO. Other quest cards could allow you to fetch for cards in your deck, or hand and play them on the battlefield without pay thief cost. I think this will allow players more ways to build decks, let's be honest it's kinda stale building right now cause it's almost next to impossible to build unique decks right now. I've been playing since 1.24 so I've seen how QM has change but really since the first set has been finalized I don't anticipating anyone building a truly unique deck that Boone has built yet.

In closing I can't wait to start see some spoilers, if they plan on showing them to us before the launch, and let's all hope by this time next month we will be playing with 350 total cards and trying to get in the top 20 for the first expansion!!! Thanks for reading and I'll see you on the Battlefield!!!

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